We got under the skin of a few lawn and landscape business owners when we published the 5 Step Wealthy Landscaper Checklist.

Turns out, two of the five steps we’ve used to build wealth had absolutely nothing to do with mowing lawns, planting trees or designing gardens. Our recommendations fly in the face of those who think working harder and working longer and sticking to landscaping 100% of the time will make you a wealthy landscaper. You can read the entire report here.

But step 4 in the Wealthy Landscaper formula is what we would like to talk about today. We want you to pause for just a moment and consider our recommendation. Work ON your business more and work IN your business a little less. 

Step 4 says: 

Most lawn and landscape business owners could rapidly increase profits by cross-selling or up-selling existing clients a handful of specialized services. Specialized services can help you move up-market and create very high-profit service lines. For example, adding holiday decorating, pressure washing, rubbish removal or gutter cleaning may allow you to increase hourly rates without the hassle of “bidding”. Adding revenue from existing customers is almost always more profitable than adding revenue from new customers

Further, the wealthy landscaper looks for off-season income streams that maximize return on investment of fixed assets. Avoid adding new services that create heavier workloads in the Spring. You’re already busy-busy-busy in the Spring. Even small increases of revenue with highly profitable services during the slow months can dramatically enhance profits.

We’ve been committed to teaching the lost art of marketing in 2023. We know that contractors with a good reputation have found plenty of work over the past couple of years. But there is growing evidence that the market is shifting. A slow-down could be lurking around the corner.

You need a slow-down prevention plan. As we describe above, adding an off-season income stream like holiday lighting, firewood delivery service, garage cleaning or rubbish removal services could help you grow revenue during the slow time of the year. Guess what? Year after year after year, you will face the seasonal slow-down for lawn and landscaping work.

Now is the time to get specialized training, add a new supplier and learn how to capitalize on your assets like trucks, trailers and a list of satisfied customers. It’s a simple idea. Pause for a moment. Work ON it to make permanent improvements. Learn how to sell work during the months when times are naturally going to slow down for landscaping.

Boom! Christmas lighting is the perfect upsell or cross sell service for homeowners and businesses already in the habit of hiring contractors!

Again, you must pause from time to time and work ON your business. Adding an off-season service like holiday decorating is one example of how working ON your business could ramp-up profits year after year.

Working ON your business means you are establishing written policies, plans and procedures. Working ON your business creates significant and permanent upside opportunities. 

Working IN your business will keep you busy – busy – busy. You’ll never run out of something to do IN your business. But you’ll never match the economic upside created when you work ON it.

Personally, I’ve found that working ON my businesses always creates a bigger paycheck than working IN my business. I didn’t understand this idea until I had beat my head into the wall for 5 painful years trying to find employees who would work as hard as I would.

Think about it.

Then hit reply and let me know what you have done to work ON it more and IN it less.

Tony Bass, founder


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