Super Irrigation Truck

The Super Irrigation Truck moves in-and it doesn’t move out until the job is done!

It’s a complete irrigation business on wheels!

Do you know Super Lawn Technologies best kept secret?

It’s the Super Irrigation Truck-designed specifically to organize speedy irrigation system installation!

It’s 20-Foot, 6-Inch body allows long pipe to easily fit inside held securely on the interior pipe rack!

Inside you’ll find massive storage with detailed cabinet space providing smart organization for parts management.

Labeling is available for simple inventory control.

Also built into the Super Irrigation Truck-a wire and cable rack keeping you organized and productive.

The Heavy-Duty Hydra Ramp built into the rear of the Super Irrigation Truck is rated for industrial trenching equipment up to 4,000 pounds!

Heavy duty cargo rings in the floor of the Super Irrigation Truck hold wheeled equipment in place safely and securely!

And, of course, the Super Lawn Trucks Hand Tool Storage System keeps hand tools organized keeping workflow at an optimum pace!

Moving to the outside of the Super Irrigation Truck System-fully integrated graphics advertise your irrigation services in brilliant design and professional detail.

Add on an on-board fueling station for gas, pre-mix and diesel; an underbody locking toolbox; and an on board 120 volt power system generated by adding the optional dual battery system.

The Super Irrigation truck is your Super Irrigation shop-on wheels-moving in and not having to move out until the job is done!

The Super Irrigation Truck is a secret no more! Only from Super Lawn Trucks!