All Super Lawn Trucks have a variety of options and features available.  Check out the packages below to find the solution that works for you! Remember, SLT can customize any truck to fit your specific needs! Fill out the form on the right/below to get a quote NOW!


Price: $75,913.00 NOW $66,788

2020 Isuzu, Single Cab, 6.0L Gas, 176in WB, 14500lbs GVW, Automatic, A/C, PW/POL, AM/FM/CD, Fire Ext., Triangle Kit

18′ SLT ECO Body

Options Included in This Package :
Frame Prep/Relocation
Double Utility Shelf
Hand and Powertool Storage System
Hydra-Ramp System – SLT ECO™ – Patent # 6,102,646 – Single Gate, Push Button Operation, Single Hydraulic Cylinder, All Steel Construction, Anti Slip Coating, Ramp Serves as Rear Door, Black in Color, 2500lb Weight Rating
39/14 gal w/ Fuel Dispensing Nozzles
Locking Fuel Caps for Underbody Fuel System (2)

Payment Options:
60 Month Lease – 30% Residual: $964.50
72 Month Purchase – $1,087.99





Price: $65,562.00 NOW $58,016

NEW 2020 Isuzu, 1C304 Gas, Single Cab, 150″ WB, 12000 lb. GVW, Automatic, A/C, PW/PDL, AM/FM/CD, Fire Ext., Triangle Kit. 6.6 Liter Engine

16′ SLT ECO Body

Frame Prep/Relocation
Hydra-Ramp System – SLT ECO™ – Patent # 6,102,646 – Single Gate, Push Button Operation, Single Hydraulic Cylinder, All Steel Construction, Anti Slip Coating, Ramp Serves as Rear Door, Black in Color. 2500lb Weight Rating

Payment Options:
60 Month Lease – 30% Residual: $835.79
72 Month Purchase – $942.04


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Isuzu Single or Crew Cab
Gas or Diesel
12-24 foot bodies
Truck Body Side Door(s)
Loading Ramps
Variety of weight capacities for bodies and ramps

Accessories like Tool boxes, Fueling Stations, On Board Back Up Cameras and many more.  Custom Designs Available!
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All Models are available with Crew or Single Cabs & Gas or Diesel. Check out the options below!
Eco Product Options
Changeable Fleet Graphics On-Board Fueling Stations Super Custom Paint The SLT Eco-Ramp™ Back-Up Camera Custom Chrome Wheels Super Lawn Technologies Debris Dumper Hand & Power Tool Storage

Changeable Fleet Graphics

Super Changeable Fleet Graphics! Watch the video-click here! Call for a quote! 866-923-0027

On-Board Fueling Stations

Enough Fuel for an Entire Week-On-Board the Super Lawn Truck! Watch the video-Click Here!

Super Custom Paint

Dress to impress! SLT's Super Custom Paint Option allows you to show off your lawn and landscape company colors! Learn more here!

The SLT Eco-Ramp™

Check out the incredible Super Lawn Technologies Eco-Ramp™! Click Here!

Back-Up Camera

Get your best view backwards with the Super SLT Back-Up Camera System! Watch the video here! Call 866-923-0027!

Custom Chrome Wheels

Super Custom Chrome Wheels add some shine to your Super Lawn Truck! Call us at 866-923-0027!

Super Lawn Technologies Debris Dumper

Super Lawn Technologies offers a variety of designs for their Super Debris Dumper! Learn more here!

Hand & Power Tool Storage

Need a loading ramp and lawn truck that can load zero-turn lawn mowers or landscaping equipment up to 4000 pounds?  Tired of lifting heavy loading ramps? Are your expanded metal loading ramps broken and needing repair? You need to learn more about our patented Hydra-Ramp™ technology and the ECO Series Loading Ramp and matching ECO Series Enclosed truck body.

The Eco Series enclosed truck body is specifically designed for medium duty trucks like Isuzu, Fuso, Hino, Ford or Chevy trucks. The ECO-Series loading Ramp is available in designs to hold 4000 pounds or 2500 pounds of wheeled or track equipment. 

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2) Place your deposit.
3) Apply for financing.


The Eco Series loading ramp is exclusively available from Super Lawn Trucks and must be installed on an Eco Series enclosed body. 

The patented one-piece ramp design makes it simple and fast, raising and lowering in an incredible 10 seconds!  It’s small, only extending 8 feet off the rear of the box truck allowing it to deploy in tight spots.  Easy hydraulic operation prevents back injury from lifting heavy, steel, manual ramps. Your employees will LOVE the push-button hydraulic operation that makes loading equipment fast, safe and easy.

A special formulated non-slip coating on the ramp prevents injury from slips and falls when surfaces are wet.  This rugged ramp coating keeps lawn equipment and landscape employees loading fast and easy, even in wet weather!  It allows for simple, speedy, one-person operation.  Once again, it’s built from solid steel and can handle a commercial workload expanded metal won’t be able to keep up with over time.  The Hydra-Ramp is rugged and designed for commercial and residential landscaping operators.

Super Lawn Trucks has been building Hydra-Ramps™ since 1991.  The patented loading ramp design has proven itself time and again to last as long or longer than the truck it’s mounted on…10-20-30 stops a day, you can load your lawn equipment fast, safe and easy.

The ECO Series loading ramp replaces high maintenance roll-up doors found on most box trucks.  The Eco-Ramp™ is your rear door and keeps equipment safe and secure!  It’s strong, affordable and ready to help you ramp up to more clients and higher profits!

We invite you to watch these video interviews of satisfied lawn business owners who can tell you how well the Hydra-Ramp™ system works for them!

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SLT ECO Series

SLT ECO Series with Debris Dumper