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Changeable Fleet Graphics On-Board Fueling Stations Super Custom Paint The SLT Eco-Ramp™ Back-Up Camera Custom Chrome Wheels Super Lawn Technologies Debris Dumper Hand & Power Tool Storage

Changeable Fleet Graphics

Super Changeable Fleet Graphics! Watch the video-click here! Call for a quote! 866-923-0027

On-Board Fueling Stations

Enough Fuel for an Entire Week-On-Board the Super Lawn Truck! Watch the video-Click Here!

Super Custom Paint

Dress to impress! SLT's Super Custom Paint Option allows you to show off your lawn and landscape company colors! Learn more here!

The SLT Eco-Ramp™

Check out the incredible Super Lawn Technologies Eco-Ramp™ Click Here!

Back-Up Camera

Get your best view backwards with the Super SLT Back-Up Camera System! Watch the video here! Call 866-923-0027!

Custom Chrome Wheels

Super Custom Chrome Wheels add some shine to your Super Lawn Truck! Call us at 866-923-0027!

Super Lawn Technologies Debris Dumper

Super Lawn Technologies offers a variety of designs for their Super Debris Dumper! Learn more here!

Hand & Power Tool Storage



Now that we have had your trucks for a bit, I can honestly say WOW! 

We wanted to buy a few to try out for our landscaping crews in the summer for a few years now.  Turns out that our Snow Division needed them more than we ever imagined.  The Supervisors put them to use as soon as your great people got them up to us.  We are experiencing the same labor shortage that everyone is seeing.  Now they are able to put 6 guys in the cab and can move “sidewalk crews” around.  We no longer need to have 6 or more guys at each property, they are mobile and more efficient.  18 guys are taking the place of 42 on the exact same properties we had last year.  Less labor and best of all LESS EQUIPMENT because we haul it with us.  Timing on the properties have decreased because we are able to have ALL the right equipment on every site.  Everything is contained within the truck.  We use liquid for sidewalks.  Our TORO and VSI equipment fit in the trucks perfectly.

From the ordering process to your delivery people, we had nothing but great conversations.  You delivered them right on time to Chicago.  Your follow up after the sale was a welcome change for the better!!  I am happy to sing your praises to anyone that you need me to speak to.

We can’t wait to see what the trucks do for us in the summer but, your trucks have changed the way we look at winter from now on.  Profits have never been higher using your equipment to help us.  You can count on more orders from Ringers!

Russ Scott

Managing Partner, Ringers Landscaping

Just wanted to write you a quick note and let you know that we have been exceptionally pleased with the Super Lawn Truck.  Everything has a place now!  It has helped to ease my mind and Casey and Philip are now able to get their work done in an efficient way.    I appreciate you and Jamie taking the time and effort to make this happen for us.  You and your team are so easy to work with and have answered every question.  We have had so many compliments on the graphics!  I think we are also reaching a market that we have not reached before.  The truck is a perfect match for us!  Thank you for everything.

Ellen Law

Dandelion's Landscaping, LLC

I just wanted to thank you again for your work and especially for helping me find a hotel and get to your shop.  The truck and I had a flawless drive to Utah and I am really impressed with the work you guys did. I just wanted to say thanks to you and also to the rest of the team and hoped you could pass on my message.  I listened to the E-myth book that Tony co-authored on my drive back as it seemed fitting, and I can’t wait for the spring!  I look forward to more growth and working with ya’ll again in the future.

Brent Williams

Everything Exterior

I have been a user of one of your Super Lawn Trucks for over a year now, and have been very pleased with my decision to give your truck a try. I have been able to utilize great storage in the 20 ft. box on the truck to keep my lawn equipment loaded at all times. This eliminates the need to load and unload equipment daily. Another thing that I do not miss doing daily is purchasing and filling my equipment with gas. The equipment fuel tank feature on the Super Lawn Truck is a great time-saving device.

Tom Murphy

Murphy Lawn Maintenance

Just a note to thank you and your team for a great experience while arranging the lease of my second Super Lawn Truck.  My crew loves the convienience and organization that the truck provides and it gives them a sense of pride as they travel about town in the best looking truck on the road.  Thanks again Tony and my best to all the SLT Team.

Tad Bourne

Bourne Mowing, LLC

Tony-Truck is awesome! We got everything set up and labeled for inventory yesterday as well as reviewed the manual. My guys were out of my office in a whopping 4 minutes this morning which is way better than the normal 20 minutes.  I appreciate your help!  Thanks!  John

John Wade


Love the truck, would like to lease another as soon as we are able. The speed and efficiency of this piece of equipment are pronounced and difficult to explain. Our crew members love it and it beats a truck and trailer any day. You may use us as a reference. Thank you.

William Bumgardner

Bumgardner's Landscape

We love our Super Lawn Truck and hope to buy the Super Contractor Truck next year!  Jamie was fantastic to work with and I’m so thankful I pulled the trigger on this truck.” Tim Stevens, owner F & B Landscaping

Tim Stevens

F & B Landscaping

SLT specializes in producing unique trucks that mold to the needs and wants of our clients. An SLT truck is like no other when it comes to reliability, dependability and engineering. With an SLT truck, your crews become more organized, more effective and more professional than you have ever imagined.

SLT trucks combine features that are innovative and easy to use. Many of the features found on SLT trucks are unique to the company and cannot be found elsewhere. SLT trucks can be customized to any specification. Our unique features include tool boxes, shelving, inventory system, tool storage system, hydra-ramp and security system, side dumper and maximizer door.

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