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SLT Dump Truck


NEW Isuzu, NY354 Diesel, Single Cab, 150″ WB, 16,000 lb. GVW, Automatic, A/C, PW/PDL, AM/FM/CD, Fire Ext., Triangle Kit

12 ft dump body

Options Included in This Package:
Frame Prep/Relocation
Back-Up Camera & Monitor
B-Pack Tool Box
LED Light Package Upgrade
Tarp for Dump Body


NEW Isuzu, Gas, Single Cab, 150″ WB, 14500 lb. GVW, Automatic, A/C, PW/PDL, AM/FM/CD, Fire Ext., Triangle Kit, Bluetooth Radio. 6.6 Liter Engine

12 ft dump body

Frame Prep/Relocation
B-Pack Tool Box
LED Light Package Upgrade
Tarp for Dump Body
Back-Up Camera & Monitor



Isuzu Single or Crew Cab
Gas or Diesel
8-18 foot dump bodies
Dump Body Side Door(s)
Fold down sides of custom heights
MR-750 Ramps
Variety of GVW
Tow packages

Accessories like Tool boxes, Fueling Stations, On Board Back Up Cameras and many more. Custom Designs Available!
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All Models are available with Crew or Single Cabs & Gas or Diesel.

When all you need is a great dump truck perfect for the Lawn and Landscape Industry-Super Lawn Trucks has the dump truck for you!

Leading the industry, Super Lawn Trucks offers all steel construction, Single or Crew cab, Gas or Diesel Dump Trucks with unique options ranging from removable stake body or fold down curb sides, locking rear barn doors, custom designed heights and side doors giving you the perfect fit for your lawn and landscape business. 

Available in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 foot lengths with six or eight ton electric over hydraulic hoists, Super Lawn Dump Trucks provide maximum capacity and maximum accessibility. 

Add on Super options like fueling stations, 2 , 3, 4, and 5 foot toolboxes, towing packages, even internal dividers allowing you to carry different materials in the same truck! 

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