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Super Lite ECO Series Residential and Commercial Lawn Maintenance Trucks

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Super Lawn Trucks has been leading the way in designing the best lawn and landscaping trucks in the industry since 1998.

But with rising costs, it is time for a change…

Introducing the Super Lawn Trucks Super Lite ECO Series!

Ditching heavy steel and embracing lightweight aluminum and composite materials gives you nearly 2 tons of equipment capacity on a truck with a gross vehicle weight rating under 10,000 pounds.

SLT’s revolutionary, incredibly simple, easy to operate manual aluminum composite Eco-ramp loads up to 2,500 pounds with ease.

Optional tow hitch, fuel storage systems, under body toolboxes, and available third passenger seat help create the most versatile lawn truck on the market.

The smaller dimensions of the SLT Lite Eco Series Truck allow you to fit into tight spaces you never would have attempted before.

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Organize the advanced interior of the SLT Lite’s rugged 12 foot long, 90-inch-wide, and 85-inch-high enclosed body with more tools and equipment than you’d ever believe possible.

Easily fit a 25-inch, a 21-inch push mower AND a 60-inch zero turn mower-PLUS all the hand and power tools a two-to-three-man crew will need on site-all in one tight-Super Lite-Eco Series Truck.

Its cutting-edge exterior paneling is smooth, allowing graphics to pop.

Including its built-in tow hitch you have everything you need all in one place.

Whether you’re hauling people, equipment, or supplies, the Super Lite Eco Series has you looking professional and operating safely.

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Revolutionize your fleet with THE Super Lawn Trucks Super Lite ECO Series Truck!

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Super Lite ECO Series