Save Money When You Buy Direct!

Fleet Owners Buy Direct From the Manufacturer and Save!

Super Lawn Trucks is the nationwide leader in custom designed landscaping trucks! In fact, we are THE One & THE Only commercial truck body company in America focused 100% – to improve both efficiency and profits – of landscaping companies. That’s right, 100% of our creativity, energy and effort is used to build the world’s most efficient operating landscape and lawn maintenance trucks.

Buying 5 to 500 trucks per year?

Super Lawn Trucks provides:

  • Highly customized, commercial landscaping trucks
  • Truck bodies engineered for landscaping and lawn maintenance contractors
  • Hydra-ramps™, ramps, loading ramps, manually operated ramps
  • Truck accessories designed to improve efficiency
  • Landscaping tool storage systems & equipment fueling tanks
  • On-staff fleet sales specialist for 5 to 500 truck or truck bodies a year
  • On-site demonstrations for pre-qualified fleet owners
  • Special discount programs when you qualify for fleet buyer status

Expanding or upgrading your fleet? 

You need to know, Super Lawn Trucks, the name trusted nationwide for landscaping trucks, proudly offers the following services:

  • High levels of fleet customization and specialized fleet engineering
  • Quantity discount pricing available
  • Credit lines from $250,000 to $5,000,000
  • Life cycle planning assistance for fleet owners
  • Flexible lease programs available
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Nationwide title and registration service
  • International purchase programs
  • Isuzu, GMC, Ford, Chevrolet, Hino, UD, Freightliner brands available

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