Frequently Asked Questions


How much do Super Lawn Truck systems cost?

The options you select will determine the final sales price. For example, a gas powered truck will cost less than a diesel powered truck. A 20′ body costs more than a 16′ body. We have products that cost a few hundred dollars that can be shipped to your door. We build road ready, complete truck systems starting around $30,000 US. Price quotes are FREE!

How do you handle shipping?

You can bring you truck to our shop located just south of Macon, GA yourself, or we can have a professional transport company pick it up and ship it to our shop. We will deliver your truck directly to your shop, office or home anywhere in the USA, Caribbean or Canada.

How long does it take to fill my order for a new Super Lawn Truck?

It depends on the exact build out you choose. We keep select models of new units in stock and ready for pick up or delivery. Just call to see what we have in stock. We are able to build some units in as little as a week. If you select the custom painting and marketing package it will require a minimum of 14 days for pick-up or delivery.

Can you put a Super Lawn Trucks system on another model of truck?

Yes. We recommend GMC/Isuzu Trucks because of the incredible warranty that comes with each truck (3 year unlimited mileage power train and 2 year bumper to bumper parts and labor). The GMC/Isuzu trucks are highly maneuverable and offer one of the largest payloads in their class.

Do I have to buy the entire system?

You can select from any items on the list. We suggest studying the free report entitled “How to pay for this entire system”. You will find that it is the complete system that really benefits your company in the biggest way.

What are the most common sizes of the (box) van body?

Our most popular model is the 16 ft (also available in 14′, 18′ and 20′ box). With these floor plans you have enough room for commercial mowers (depending on models used) or about 4000 pounds of payload.

How many lawn mowers will fit into a Super Lawn Truck?

The type of machines you use will certainly affect this. A typical set up could be 1-36′ walk behind, 1-48′ walk behind, and 1-72″ rider (3 machines) or 2- 72″ riders and 1-21′ push mower (3 machines) or 3-52″ walk behinds (3 machines). These examples are workable with 14′ or 16′ models.

Can I see a picture of this set up?

Yes, in fact we can take you on a complete tour. Here you can see the entire system inside and out.

Can you finance my purchase?

Yes, we will fax you a simple credit application to be completed and faxed back to (478) 822-9707 Attn: Tony. Our finance specialist will be able to give you approval in 24 hours.

Do you have a lease option?

The process is the same as financing, just fill out the application and fax it back in!

Can you convert my existing truck?

Yes, in fact we can convert practically any model of Isuzu, GMC, Chevrolet, UD, Hino or Ford to the Super Lawn Trucks system regardless of the type of bed that is on it today. We need a truck with a 7 inch frame rail and a minimum gross vehicle weight rating of 12,000 pounds. Remember, quotes are FREE!

What do you recommend for landscape companies who currently rely on their trucks for pulling trailers in the summer and plowing snow in the winter?
  • First, there are several manufacturers of snow plows who make plows and plow kits for the Isuzu trucks. So yes.  You can plow snow with an Isuzu truck.  If you want to plow snow with your Isuzu truck there are two recommendations.
  • Order your truck with the optional positive traction rear end.
  • Plan on installing a more aggressive tire tread on the rear wheels and operate the truck with weight in the rear.
  • Talk with Dave Rykbost at Dave’s Landscape in the Boston area. He has (3) Isuzu trucks with the Super Contractor body package and snow plows that he uses with his company.  Get his feedback.
  • Talk with Wayne Talley at Lawn Ranger in Richmond, VA. He has an SLT box truck with a plow.
  • The majority of our clients use our enclosed body systems for sidewalk crews.
  • SLT’s are used for secure storage and transport of:
    • Snow Blowers, RTV’s with small plows and small salt spreaders, Sidewalk Crew Equipment.
    • Most clients who have major snow and ice control services choose the double swinging side door option, to be able to load a full pallet of ice melt into the truck.

Last word.  As lawn and landscape companies grow, equipment becomes more specialized.  The Super Lawn Truck system is operating in 45 states and Canada because it improves productivity year round.  The Isuzu trucks are affordable.  The Super Lawn Truck system/upfit is proven to eliminate the need to pull trailers while dramatically enhancing marketing with stunning billboards.

Is there a special license required to drive a Super Lawn Truck?

No special license is required. For any commercially operated vehicle or vehicle/trailer combo that weighs over 10,01 pounds, a DOT Heath Card is required. This is available at almost any doctor office or med-stop. You are required to pass the simple health exam including an eye test, blood work and physical.

What is the weight capacity of the pull-out step for the debris dumper?
The pull out step for the debris dumper is rated up to 300 pounds.  The step is designed for 1 person to stand and lift a load with the combined weight of personnel and load of 300 lb.

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