Frequently Asked Questions


How much do Super Lawn Truck systems cost?

The options you select will determine the final sales price. For example, a gas powered truck will cost less than a diesel powered truck. A 20′ body costs more than a 16′ body. We have products that cost a few hundred dollars that can be shipped to your door. We build road ready, complete truck systems, including single cab or crew cab trucks, a Super Lawn Truck body package, tool storage system, loading ramps, and dumping systems starting around $1,200 per month with finance options and a low down payment. Price quotes are FREE!

How do you handle shipping?

We deliver completed Super Lawn Trucks nationwide, to your door for maximum convenience. You can choose to fly into the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and we will deliver your truck to the airport. You can pick up your completed truck at our Super Lawn Trucks manufacturing facility located at 1610 Peach Parkway, Fort Valley, GA 31030. 

If you need work done to a truck you already own, you can bring your truck to our shop located just south of Macon, GA yourself, or we can have a professional transport company pick it up and ship it to our shop. We will deliver your truck directly to your shop, office or home anywhere in the USA. International shipments require assistance with a freight forwarder of your choice.

Parts and supplies are shipped by freight companies such as UPS, Fed Ex, XPO or the USPS. 

How long does it take to fill my order for a new Super Lawn Truck?

It depends on the exact build out you choose. We keep select models of new units in stock and ready for pick up or delivery. Just call to see what we have in stock. Our inventory changes daily. You can take a look at current inventory and work in process by clicking here. 

Our best clients, with custom truck designs, custom paint colors, lettering and logos, special door specs or Solar Lawn Truck packages, order their Super Lawn Trucks four to six months ahead of their needs. If you need multiple trucks for your lawn service business in time for the busy Spring and Summer season, we recommend you place your order by October for Spring deliveries.  

We are able to build the Fast Track SLT packages in as little as a week. If you select the custom painting and marketing package it will require a minimum of 30 days for pick-up or delivery.

What models of Super Lawn Trucks are available?

We recommend and stock a variety of single cab and crew cab models of Isuzu N-Series Trucks. The cab forward truck chassis design creates a powerful combination of Super Lawn Truck body size and payload capacity. 

You can choose to select the Chevy LCF W-Series if you prefer the Chevrolet Brand of low cab forward trucks. Isuzu N-Series and Chevy W-Series are identical with the exception of the name badge and the service centers available.

We build Super Lawn Truck body packages on medium duty chassis models (Class 4 and 5 weight ratings) such as Isuzu, Ford, Chevy, Ram, Workhorse, Mullen, Sprinter, Zeus and others.

We build Super Lawn Truck body packages on light duty chassis models such as Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Ram and a growing list of Electric Vehicle (EV) chassis platforms.

Do I have to buy the entire Super Lawn Truck system?

Super Lawn Trucks are trucks that are designed to improve the efficiency of professional lawn and landscaping companies. Our package of a rugged enclosed body with built on loading ramp, on board fueling stations for lawn equipment, tool storage systems for lawn and landscaping equipment and image-boosting marketing packages are available on a variety of single cab and crew cab truck options. You select the options most important to you.

Each Super Lawn Truck is designed to match the crew size of our lawn and landscaping clients and the budget you have available for your landscaping work trucks. If you are interested in adding a box truck to your lawn service fleet, you can add the easy-to-install MR-750 bolt-on loading ramps to your truck. We ship these box truck loading ramps to your door. You can learn more about box truck loading ramps here.

What are the most common sizes of the (box) van body?

Our most popular model is the 16 foot long and 18 foot long bodies. Super Lawn Truck bodies are also available in 6’, 8’, 12’, 14′, 18′, 20′, 22’ and 24’ enclosed and open bodies. 

Super Lawn Trucks builds work truck bodies with a variety of widths to match the variety of light duty and medium duty truck chassis packages. Bodies are available in 80”, 90”, 96” and 102” widths. We must package the correct length, width and height of the truck body with the correct cab chassis. Speak to one of our truck design guides at 866-923-0027 to help you match the correct body and chassis package.

How many lawn mowers will fit into a Super Lawn Truck?

The type of machines you use will certainly affect this. A typical set up could be 1-36′ walk behind, 1-48′ walk behind, and 1-72″ rider (3 machines) or 2- 72″ riders and 1-21′ push mower (3 machines) or 3-52″ walk behinds (3 machines). These examples are workable with 16’ or 18′ models. Stand on mowers take up the smallest footprint. With a combination of 36” or 48” or 60” machines, you could place 6 of these mowers inside one Super Lawn Truck.

If your company uses small mowers, like the 36”, 30” and 21” mowers, you can select a smaller enclosed body and have plenty of room for handheld power tools, you may select a smaller truck body and lower gross vehicle weight rating. In most cases, smaller trucks equals more affordable price points. 

If you would like to do a test to see if your mowers will fit into a Super Lawn Truck, just give us a call to discuss your mower package, body options and floor plans available

Can I see a picture of the Super Lawn Truck set up?

Yes, in fact we can take you on a complete tour. Here you can see the entire system inside and out.

We share over 150 photos of Super Lawn Trucks at the link above. We invite you to watch the short video message from our founder and CEO, Tony Bass at the link above.

You can watch over 40 videos of a variety of Super Lawn Truck models, available accessory packages and buyer interviews at our video page.

At Super Lawn Trucks, we’ve been sharing our story and our products online since 1998 through photos, videos and text messages.

Can you finance my purchase?

Yes, we offer financing for Super Lawn Truck purchases that will cover the initial cost of the truck chassis, the Super Lawn Truck body package, loading ramps, dump bodies, tool storage racks, custom paint, fleet graphics packages, safety systems and delivery to your door. Financing is provided through Isuzu Finance of America, Hitachi Finance and a variety of commercial equipment finance specialty companies. 

The finance process begins with a one-page credit application. You can download the credit application right here. Download the application. Print it out. Fill it out. Sign it at the bottom. Return to us via scan email or fax.

Credit approval is typically completed in 24 to 48 hours.

If you prefer to get started with an online mini-application to get an opinion on your finance interest rate, then complete this short pre-approval finance application online right here. This mini-application does not submit your information to a credit agency. This form will get us introduced and we can discuss your finance options further.

Finance options include TRAC lease and capital lease programs for maximum tax planning advantages and improved cash flow. The application process is the same for finance or lease options for your Super Lawn Truck.

Do you have a lease option?

Yes. The lease finance process begins with a one-page credit application. You can download the credit application right here. Download the application. Print it out. Fill it out. Sign it at the bottom. Return to us via scan email or fax.

Is there a way to convert a used box truck to the Super Lawn Truck system?

If you have purchased a used box truck and would like to add loading ramps, please look at the bolt-on loading ramps found at . You can order box truck loading ramps from Super Lawn Trucks. We will ship these loading ramps to your door. These Super Box Truck Ramps are strong enough to allow loading of lawn mowers, ATVs, RTVs, golf carts, wheeled spraying equipment and more. Complete step-by-step installation instructions are provided with your purchase in written and video instruction formats.

The Super Box Truck Ramps are designed for safe and easy one-person operation and they fit on the back of most box trucks. 

If you would like to add lawn equipment tool storage racks to your box truck, then you can select the tool racks from our Hand and Power Tool Catalog found here. Tool racks for box trucks can help you organize your box truck for maximum efficiency while your lawn equipment tools are safe and secure during transport.

Can you convert my used truck?

Yes, in fact we can design and upfit the Super Lawn Truck body packages to most medium duty truck chassis including: Isuzu, Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, UD, Hino, Fuso, Workhorse, Mullen, Ram or Sprinter.  Medium duty trucks are those with gross vehicle weight ratings between 10,001 and 25,999 pounds. Remember, quotes are FREE!

What do you recommend for landscape companies who currently rely on their trucks for pulling trailers in the summer and plowing snow in the winter?
  • First, there are several manufacturers of snow plows who make plows and plow kits for the Isuzu trucks. So yes.  You can plow snow with an Isuzu truck.  If you want to plow snow with your Isuzu truck there are two recommendations.
  • Order your Isuzu truck with the optional positive traction rear end.
  • Plan on installing a more aggressive tire tread on the rear wheels and operate the truck with weight in the rear.
  • The majority of our clients use our enclosed body systems for sidewalk crews.
  • SLT’s are used for secure storage and transport of:
    • Snow Blowers, RTV’s with small plows and small salt spreaders, Sidewalk Crew Equipment such as the Snow Boss can be easily loaded into the Super Lawn Truck.
    • Most clients who have major snow and ice control services choose the double swinging side door option, to be able to load a full pallet of ice melt into the truck.

As lawn and landscape companies grow, equipment becomes more specialized.  The Super Lawn Truck system is operating in 48 states and Canada because it improves productivity in lawn service companies year round.  The Isuzu trucks are affordable and provide a low cost of ownership.  The Super Lawn Truck system/upfit is proven to eliminate the need to pull trailers while dramatically enhancing landscaper marketing with stunning billboards.

Is there a special license required to drive a Super Lawn Truck?

No special driver’s license is required to operate a Super Lawn Truck. For any commercially operated vehicle or vehicle/trailer combo that weighs over 10,001 pounds, a DOT Health Card is required. This is available at almost any doctor’s office or med-stop. 

Drivers who operate commercial vehicles over 10,001 pounds are required to update their DOT Health Card on a two year rotation. You are required to pass the simple health exam including an eye test, blood work and physical. Owner’s of lawn and landscape companies may choose to require a drug screen as part of the DOT Health Exam. 

What is the dumping capacity of the side-dumping SLT Debris Dumper?

The SLT Debris Dumper is rated to tip (dump the load) with weight ratings up to one ton.  Super Lawn Trucks designed the side-tipping debris dumper to haul 2.5 cubic yards or 5.0 cubic yards of debris. Plant prunings, grass clippings, and landscaping supplies such as mulch can be hauled and dumped using the SLT Debris Dumper. Watch the SLT Debris Dumper Video here.

What is the weight capacity of the pull-out step for the debris dumper?
The pull out step for the debris dumper is rated up to 300 pounds.  The step is designed for 1 person to stand and lift a load with the combined weight of personnel and load of 300 lb.
Can Super Lawn Trucks sell the debris dumper by itself?

Yes. Upfitters and end users can order the 2.5 or 5.0 cubic yard Debris Dumper. We can ship to your door or you can pick up the product at our facility located at 1610 Peach Parkway Fort Valley, GA. 

Can you tow a trailer with a Super Lawn Truck?

Yes. You can order your Super Lawn Truck with a towing hitch and trailer brake controller. The towing hitch option can be built with the SLT Eco Series of trucks or the SLT Fast Track Series of trucks.

What is the smallest model Super Lawn Truck?

You can order your Super Lawn Truck with a 12 foot long by 80 inch wide body. This compact design Super Lawn Truck will be built on a light duty chassis such as the Chevy Express, GMC Savana or Ford Transit chassis cab. These trucks would have a single rear wheel configuration and have a gross vehicle weight rating under 10,000 pounds. No DOT Health Card would be required to operate these models of trucks. You can park this compact model of Super Lawn Truck in a standard parking space. You can click here to watch a video to see what this compact model of Super Lawn Truck looks like.

Do you have Super Lawn Trucks available for immediate purchase?

Yes. You can review the current inventory of Super Lawn Trucks available for immediate purchase by visiting the Super Lawn Trucks inventory page found right here. We highly recommend calling our company between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM  Monday through Friday to get immediate answers regarding availability of road ready Super Lawn Trucks. Our available inventory changes daily.  866-923-0027 


Does Super Lawn Trucks offer a toilet inside a truck?

Yes, there is a custom toilet/bathroom option on a Super Lawn Truck. Speak directly to a Super Lawn Trucks representative for details.


What are the special features of the Super Lawn Truck for women?

One of the options female landscapers love is the on-board toilet which makes going to the restroom on the job site much easier than stopping work and going to a store to find a restroom.


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