SLT Debris Dumper

Lawn and Landscape contractors never run out of debris-and no one provides a way to get rid of it faster and easier than Super Lawn Trucks!

It’s the Debris Dumper-available in 2.5 and 5 cubic yard sizes AND hydraulically operated to make dumping a snap.

The heavy-duty Debris Dumper is designed to fit right into the box truck frame making any Super Lawn Truck a compact dumper without pulling a trailer.


Choose from a mesh tarp cover or select the rock-solid flip up lid to keep debris secure while driving.

Dumping large trash cans has never been easier!  Just lift, dump and secure the lid for a quick get away saving even more time per job site!

Convenient, easy to operate pull out steps give workers quick access to load anything from leaves to grass clippings-even trash is easily hauled away-leaving each job spotless!

Dump up to one ton of debris!

Double doors on either side of the debris dumper make it convenient to access wherever you are on the job site!

The Super Lawn Trucks Debris Dumper-a must have to make your jobs go fast, safe and easy.

Only from Super Lawn Trucks!