Purchasing a Super Lawn Truck has never been easier!

compare-super-lawn-trucksWe can provide you with a detailed quote for a SLT configured to your exact specifications! To configure your SLT with all the options needed for your business visit our Truck Builder page or contact our sales team today.

Feature Super Lawn Truck Pickup Truck w./ 16′ Trailer
Easy to drive around town Yes No
Easy to train employees to back Yes No
Fewer tires to repair and replace Yes No
Lockable storage Yes No
Eliminates daily loading/unloading Yes No
On board fuel transport tanks Yes No
Secure storage for 40 landscape tools Yes No
Rolling Billboard Yes No
Reduces the need for a warehouse Yes No
Lower acquisition costs No Yes
Improves operational efficiency Yes No
Creates team pride during operation Yes No
3 year – unlimited mileage warranty Yes No
Buy direct from the manufacturer Yes
Delivered to your door anywhere Yes
Changeable fleet graphics option Yes No
Cd player Yes Yes
Automatic transmission & AC Yes Yes

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