The ECO Series 12GL!

No commercial drivers required for the light duty Chevy Express or GMC Savana Cutaway.

Compact enclosed Super Lawn Truck design for lawn maintenance contractors with a crew of two people.

With a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 9900 pounds, your drivers do not need a DOT physical to operate this truck.

Big features like an on-board fueling station, rugged push button loading ramp, efficient tool storage, and billboard advertising! Watch below!


GMC Savana Cutaway Cab and Chassis

  •         Vortec 4.8L V8 engine
  •         GVW rating of 9,900 lbs
  •         Payload capacity of 2,500 lbs
  •         Wheelbase of 139″
  •         Standard cab allows a driver and one passenger
  •         Available in gas or diesel

Enclosed Body

  •         Available in 12ft enclosed dry freight body that locks and secures tools
  •         Big enough to neatly store and transport tools and equipment needed for all landscape jobs
  •         Reduces the need for warehouse space
  •         Cuts down the need to pull a trailer making the SLT Eco 12GL easy to maneuver
  •         Provides billboard-size advertising space
  •         All aluminum sides hold onto a professional paint job

Hydra Ramp™ System

  •         Heavy-duty (patented) ramp has the strength and capacity to handle all types of riding or walk behind power equipment – large commercial riding mowers and walk behinds
  •         Offers single hydraulic operating system for quick operation
  •         Operates as a rear door for security and ramp for loading and unloading equipment
  •         Coated with an anti-skid epoxy that provides more slip resistance than the standard expanded metal ramps
  •         Has multiple uses, e.g. pruning platform, work bench

Underbody Storage Box

  •         Available in 36″ and 24″ options
  •         Mounted under the body of the truck for quick and easy access to tools
  •         Locking mechanism provides added security
  •         Enclosed box offers added protection from the weather

Fuel Station Transport System

  •         Carries enough fuel to last a week, and prevents frequent stops and wasted time at the gas station – holds regular gasoline, pre-mix fuel, and an option to add a diesel tank
  •         Eliminates the need for gas cans that either get stolen or spill during transport
  •         Completely installed with electric fuel pumps, fuel gauges, hoses, hand valves and vented fuel caps
  •         Optional locking fuel caps provide added security
  •         Located under the truck body for easy access
  •         Meets all FHSA, USDOT and OSHA guidelines for transport fuel tanks


  •        Five-year, 100,000 mile warranty


  •        The SLT Eco 12GL starts at around $800/month depending on current interest rates and options package
  •        Financing is available for 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months
  •        Leasing programs are available with a $1 buy out, or up to a 30 percent residual value at end of term
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The following popular options allow contractors to organize, safely store and carry tools needed for all landscape jobs.   These options can help reduce breakage and loss of tools and make keeping track of inventory quick and easy.

Irrigation Parts and Storage

  •        Offers adjustable bins making it easy to keep track of inventory – large and small parts, hand tools – every day
  •        Installation allows for full use of floor space inside the SLT Eco 12GL
  •        Wood finish has a clear lacquer sealer to extend wood life

Utility Shelves

  •       Single or double utility shelf options available for added storage and floor space for mowers or tractors
  •       Strong enough to hold up to 500 lbs.
  •       Mounted high enough to drive mowers underneath


  •         Custom painting of cab and body
  •         Company logo and information is an added option to each customer
  •         Side body serves as a mobile billboard that is interchangeable
  •         Option for SLT to provide design, branding and company identity elements

Additional Custom Options

  •         Air compressor
  •         On-board restroom
  •         Water tank
  •         Power inverter
  •         Directional traffic control lights
  •         Receiver hitch for towing
  •         Trailer wiring harness
  •         Back-up beeper
  •         Security system and internet based GPS tracking

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Tool Storage

On-Board Fueling Station

Back-Up Camera

The SLT Eco 12GL

Get as much as 18 mpg on select models!


Super Lawn Technologies invites you to take a look at the SLT Eco Series of trucks. Check it out.

Each ECO Series Body System is custom designed to match the needs of the company.

Matched with the perfect cab chassis from the compact and super economical Eco Series 12 GL to the roomy 18-foot SLT Eco Body System, contractors are increasing productivity, reducing fuel consumption, and improving safety and security measures for their equipment and for their employees.

The SLT Eco Series trucks boast a low cost of ownership with fuel economy ratings of 15 -18 mpg on select gas and diesel models.

The SLT Eco Series of trucks are designed for total cargo capacity of over 5000 pounds but that is just the beginning.

The Eco Body locks and secures your tools.

Getting your equipment inside is easy with our patented Hydra-Ramp System.

This heavy-duty hydraulic ramp is quick and easy to operate and provides both safety and security.

Once inside, there is not only space for your riding and walk behind mowers, but plenty of utility shelves and storage keeping your equipment organized and secure.

Under the body you have a locking toolbox holding more of your equipment as well as fuel tanks for gas and two-cycle fuel-enough fuel for an entire week.

There are plenty of other options available, so the SLT Eco Series of trucks can suit your individual needs.

Your business will become more efficient.

Your equipment will be safe and secure.

And your investment is secure with our exclusive 5-year SLT Buy Back Guarantee.

Since 1998, contractors across North America have come to Super Lawn Trucks to help improve their productivity.

We hope you will step up to Super Lawn Trucks, too!


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