SLT Third Eye Back Up Camera

If you’ve ever tried to back a box truck into a tight spot…you know how frustrating it can be!

Don’t you wish you had a third eye?

Now Super Lawn Technologies offers that Third Eye! 

A rear mounted back up camera with a high vantage point makes backing up your lawn and landscape truck a safe, dependable, accident free operation! 

Capable of withstanding up to 10 g’s of force, these AWTI cameras and monitors are tough! 

Clear and easy to see monitors even support multiple cameras.

The monitors are already wired to add as many cameras as you should need.

The camera and monitor are equipped with a reverse trigger switch so your third eye turns on by itself as soon as you start to back up!

Get a clear view what’s behind you. 

Stop craning and guessing. 

Know where you are going and when to stop! 

If you’ve ever wished you had a third eye…turn that wish into reality. 

Super Lawn Technologies now has a third eye looking out for you and your lawn and landscape trucks! 

Call Super Lawn Technologies today and open your third eye!