Super Lawn Truck On-Board Fueling Station Video

Fewer Fueling Stops + Fast Fueling + Reduce Spills = More Billable Hours

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On-Board Fueling Stations!

Would you like to have an extra month of income every year?

Check this out!  It’s our unique, onboard, external fueling station available on any Super Lawn Truck! 

Powered by electric fuel pumps-these durable, reliable tanks can hold 39 gallons of regular fuel and 14 gallons of mixed and designed to keep you on the job for an entire week. 

No more stopping for fuel every morning to gas up your mowers and other equipment. 

If you operate a three man crew and they stop for fuel five times a week and each stop takes ten minutes, you’ve just paid two and a half hours of labor to fill up your tanks.  If your season lasts 35 weeks, that’s eighty seven and a half man hours! 

Think of it, over two weeks standing around at the fuel station. 

We have right sized our fueling station to allow you to make just one stop per week and dramatically increase your billable hours every week.  That puts more money in your pocket! 

Now, come on!  Think smart!  Just two trucks with on board fueling stations are capable of giving you an entire month’s worth of income! 

What’s to think about?  Call Super Lawn Technologies today! 

We save you time to make you money! 

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