Dear Lawn or Landscape Business Owner: Last week’s essay on THE 3-Part Automatic Landscaper Marketing Plan grabbed the attention of skeptics and supporters alike.

For example, one techno-cool-cat claimed that “business cards are dead”. He simply shares his contact information through a smartphone app and a QR code. He just couldn’t see the practicality of an old-fashioned business card for his modern business.

He added that we are spreading germs by swapping business cards. We should have learned that lesson during the Covert-19 epidemic. He also pointed out that we are murdering trees with that wasteful paper used in most business cards. (Yes…woke landscapers do exist!) 

Then he let me know how much faster it is to download contact information through an app as compared to typing in data (with my slow typing skills). How in the world could he tell I have fat fingers and type really… slow just by reading my emails? Well…he’s sure right about that last point!

But wait just a minute! Let’s try leaving your smartphone on the community interest bulletin boards in your locally owned restaurants Mr. Techno-Cool-Cat. Let me see you walk on to a commercial jobsite to introduce yourself to the project superintendent for the very first time and say, “Please pull your phone out sir so you can scan my QR code so we can exchange information.” 

Let’s say you are in the bank and get the chance to meet a complete stranger who is wearing a nicely branded shirt identifying them as a custom home builder. Can you quickly pass him your smartphone and tell him you have been admiring his custom homes? No. I doubt you will hand over your smartphone like you will a business card. Do you see my point? 

Bumping phones might work in some situations, but moving a relationship forward enough to start sharing data across an app is going to be as awkward as asking the high school prom queen (or king) out on a first date. Sharing data via the smartphone is bound to require a little rapport building prior to the data exchange.

Nope, the old-fashioned business card is NOT dead my friends. In fact, I’d say anyone who thinks that it is dead is disconnected from building meaningful client relationships in a cost effective manner.

And…since we had many more requests for access to our video training on the 14-point business card design training, we thought we would go ahead and share access to the training by clicking right here.

Watch the video and you will see us review twenty five unique business cards…mostly landscaper’s business cards…but there are a handful from other industries so we can learn how to elevate the game of marketing via business cards. We are proud to report that I share the business card of a billion dollar entrepreneur during the call. It’s a powerful business lesson. (And even techno-cool-cats could learn something here.)

During the training video, we dive deep into the 14 point business card checklist. We demonstrate how each of these 14 points help you build credibility, demonstrate professionalism, and promote your business.

When you watch the video, you’ll learn how:

  • Small details can make a big impact on your business marketing efforts.
  • To leverage technology with business cards.
  • To avoid goofy little business card mistakes. 
  • You can create a business card that NEVER gets thrown away.
  • And much more.

There’s two more things you need to know. When you follow this link to watch the training video, you will be asked to enter your name and email address to view the training. The video is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So you can gain access at any time of the day or night.

Next, if you would like to grab a copy of the handout for the training, you can download the google doc right here. During the presentation we told folks that are already enrolled in our Super Lawn Toolkit membership training program that the handout will be located near the video…but that will not be true if you access the training this way. You simply download the handout with the 14 point business card checklist right here.

So…now it’s your turn.

Work on your business. It’s the highest payoff activity you can ever pursue.


We hope you will invest at least two hours a week improving one small part of your company.

Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder


PS – Members of the Super Lawn Toolkit are committed to improving one small part of their business each month of the year. They receive coaching, encouragement, and guides to make business improvements fast and easy.

If you are interested in making improvements to your company, we’d like to hear from you. 

Just send an email and put the words “super lawn toolkit” in the subject line. We will follow up.

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