A special message for owners of lawn and landscaping companies:

It seems to be a really weird time when you look at the big-picture of the economy.

The biggest news story of the past few weeks has focused on bank collapses.

Every news broadcast tries to instill fear that we are headed into a recession…or that our government will default on our debt. Those nasty Democrats and Republicans in Washington just can’t come together to fix our country’s cash flow problem. 🙁

This week there’s story after story of how organized crime sucks 95 Billion dollars out of retail stores through shoplifting and smash and grab robbery.

So…if you watch much news… things are scary bad.

But then I get the chance to meet with lawn and landscape business owners…and the messages are completely different than what we hear on the news.

Josh J. is growing his company and adding another crew to add a new service.

So is Keith H. His company needs another truck to keep up with enhancements.

Josh A. needs five more trucks to support the huge amount of growth at his company.

Hunter B.D. has made up his mind once and for all. NO MORE GROWTH …until his existing accounts are profitable. So price increases are moving forward.

Rod D. says:

MAN I’M LOVING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

The E-myth Landscape Contractor is awesome.  Not trying to light up your email!! BUT THIS IS EXCITING!!

Systems, and planning I can see how I can franchise my business.  I can see how to run this thing through set systems.

Thank you Tony


We know it’s the busy spring season. We know you are super-busy. But we also know you need a good dose of encouragement to keep working those 10 to 12 hour days that usually happen this time of the year.

So let me share a couple of things that might help YOU stay positive.

Over at our manufacturing company, Super Lawn Trucks, we added five new people to our team this month. We can never be sure if every person will work out perfectly…but man… I am impressed with these new team members.

Not only are they smart, but we have had perfect attendance from these new folks so far…and we are seeing early signs of initiative…”let’s make this place better in 2023!

Ain’t that cool?

We have met our company production goals four out of five months in 2023…which means we are setting new records for sales and truck deliveries for our company. 🙂

The availability of Isuzu N-series cab chassis units is the best we have seen since early 2000. Which means, if you need to grow your business, getting the equipment is getting a little bit easier. I’m thankful for this!

No one knows for sure what might happen next week. There could be a storm. There could be an accident. There could be another theft ring hit our company.

But I do know this…

Lawn and landscape business owners will get out of bed, face the challenges and figure out how to keep on serving their customers.

I don’t think you can find a better representation of what the USA stands for than by getting to know the hard-working men and women in the lawn and landscape industry. These business owners (like you) rock.

Yes…I’m talking about you. Lawn and landscape business owners are special.

You are tough. You are smart! You make good things happen!

Please…keep moving forward.

Enjoy your chance to get outside while the weather is beautiful and thank God for the opportunity to be outdoors while it’s Spring time.

Let’s wrap up today’s session with one very important reminder.

We want you to become the Wealthy Landscaper in your town. So please don’t let the hustle and bustle of Spring season keep you from taking care of the most important part of your job.


Predicting the future financial success, struggle or outright failure of a lawn or landscaping business is 100% possible. You see, everything that happens in your business is subservient to how you price your jobs. Show me a company who struggles… I’ll show you problems in their budgeting or estimating system.

We don’t want you to struggle… 

So if you are cruising along and you find yourself short on cash or unsure why your bank account isn’t growing… please read this article titled:

These Two Mistakes Can Destroy Any Landscaper’s Profits!

Seriously…read the article and see if YOU might be making these mistakes…and most importantly…what to do about it.


It’s your turn to make some money. And we hope this is your best year ever.

If you get stuck…

just hit reply and ask for help.

We will be here.

Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder


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