Dear Lawn or Landscape Business Owner: Do you have a website? I’ll bet you do… 

But do you have a website that comes alive and engages with prospects?

Or… do you have an old, dead, non-producing brochure website?

Your website needs to come alive. Here’s how you step-up your website-game?

Step 1 – YOU…or someone you work with very closely has the keys to your website. When we say, “has the keys“, we mean that you can modify your website with very little effort or almost no cost. If you have the type of webmaster (website manager) that holds you hostage with high fees everytime you want to add information to your website…well you’ll struggle to bring your website alive.

Step 2 – In the landscaper marketing plan step 4 we shared the details of how to build a simple – but very powerful – communication plan. When you review the details of this low-cost or no-cost communications plan, you learn the 1-2-3 communications process we call- Frequency + Quality + Delivery Methods – you’ll have a plan that attracts endless income from customers who know you, like you and trust you.

But what we did not explain in step 4, is that every single time you communicate, you have the ability to deliver your communication via your website. Think of it like this. An email message can become the script for a video on your website. A sales letter sent over via the uniformed postal worker (USPS) can become a digital sales letter that lives forever right there on your website.

The website that comes alive becomes homebase for a collection of customer case studies, an assembly of Goggle reviews, and photo tours of completed projects. Every time you produce a marketing or educational message, your website grows and becomes an extension of your personality and personal resume. Are you following me?

Step 3 – Your website must grow in content, expand your reach, and educate prospective buyers. And here’s one more thing. Your website can be the very best tool you have ever owned to repel prospects that don’t fit your perfect customer profile. That’s right! Repel poorly matched prospects BEFORE they waste your time.

The very best part of this idea is that your website NEVER sleeps. It won’t ask you for a raise or call in sick. It won’t skip work on Saturday or complain about working late on Friday. Are you getting a picture of what a wonderful digital asset your website could be? 

But your website won’t grow on its own. You’ll have to feed it like a newly weaned puppy…every single day! You’ll need to pour a little effort, energy and excitement into your website. You’ll duplicate and roboticize yourself. You’ll extend your reach without having to work longer hours. Your website becomes an extension of YOU!

If you serve as a sales person in your company, we want your website to help you take a prospective buyer down the path to buy from you. Think about the steps of your sales process. 

Make a list of the questions all buyers ask. Get busy answering these questions – in writing – on video – in audio – and put the answers on your website. You will allow your prospects to get the right answers to the questions they ask. 

We are not quite done…keep reading. Step 4 is where skeptical landscapers roll their eyes!

Step 4 – This one might surprise you! But this is the truth. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology – available today for pennies – provides you the ability to build a digital robot – trained by you to match your personality – even duplicate your likeness and deliver your messages in a friendly, professional, and endlessly energetic manner on your website 24-7-365. 

Your website will be staffed by a digital bot – trained in customer service or trained to answer all the questions your prospective customers already ask you. Your digital bot will work for you 24-7-365. Your customer service bot will become your very best – most loyal and eager to learn employee. 

Now let me ask you one more time…

Is your website dead or alive? Is it growing? Is it learning? Is your website an extension of your personality? Is your website ready, willing and able to work for you for pennies 24-7-365?

We would like to hear from you on this subject. Send feedback to Tony Bass via email at . We would love to hear from you.

Tony Bass, founder


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