Landscaper Marketing Plan – Step 1

We had a call this past week that got me thinking about the essential foundation of marketing your lawn and landscape company…without spending a ton of money.

When you start a small business of any kind, not just a lawn service business, cash is short and new customers are the source of your next meal.

So you want every marketing dollar to make a positive impact on sales.

Traditional signs, strategically positioned, act as your silent partners in attracting new customers…without any time consuming activities on your part. Think of this part of your marketing efforts as – “set it up and forget about it”. You might think of this as “inbound marketing”.

  1. Your most important sign might be the smallest sign!

Your business card is your perpetual friend giving you instant credibility the first day you see your company name, phone number, email address and list of services in print.

Some techno cool cats may read this message and think, “Business cards are old fashioned. We ‘bump phones’ or ‘QR code’ our contact information transfer these days.”

Well – give me $50 to invest in business cards and a list of prospects to go see and I’ll show you business cards will help you sell thousands of dollars in landscaping services in a few days. Business cards are powerful signs…period.

  1. Truck, Trailer & Equipment Signs

Every time you invest in an equipment asset, your first order of business must be to put your name, phone number and short list of services on the equipment. Signs are the most inexpensive “set it and forget it” inbound marketing tool you will ever put on your team. 

Your trucks aren’t just for hauling gear; they’re your rolling billboards. Vehicle branding isn’t just slapping on a logo; it’s a strategic move to improve branding, streamline operations and create a professional appearance.

Seventy percent (70%) of commercial vehicles are white!

When you select unique colors, your branding gets an immediate boost.

Just this week, while meeting with one of my clients, we discussed one of the big mistakes when it comes to signs. This business owner was worried because he did not have his website finished yet. Therefore, he did not want to put signs on his truck and trailer because it would be “incomplete”. He felt like his sign would be incomplete without a website address.

My strong recommendation was to get the signs on his trucks, trailers and equipment right away and not worry about a website address. The benefits of equipment signage is that it follows you everywhere. It works without you having to do anything extra.

Signs get your phone ringing and your bank account singing!

  1. Job Site Signs

Now, when you’re working your magic on a property, why not let the world know who you are? Think of it like planting a flag in the soil of success.

A carefully crafted sign, strategically placed at the entrance of your work site, or along a roadway or city street does more than just mark your territory. It tells the story of craftsmanship in progress. Keep it professional – your company name, logo, matching colors and a touch of services. 

Think of job site signs like the signs you see around town that let you know a property is for sale. You could invest $50 to $100 on a moveable jobsite sign and get dozens of calls.

You can enhance you job site sign by adding a container/holder for a newsletter, brochure or sales letter.

In conclusion, the timeless charm of traditional signs takes center stage in this simple marketing approach.

 You’d be surprised how many of our clients haven’t done all 3 of these things yet when they join us in our training programs. 

So… if you haven’t, it’s ok. Work on it! One step at a time.

From standout signs at job sites to mobile visibility on branded trucks and strategic partnerships with local businesses, it’s about nurturing growth the right way. Let your signs be the storytellers, and watch as your lawn and landscaping business blossoms in the communities you serve.

Do you have all 3 of these types of signs in your company?

Hit reply and let me know,

Tony, founder


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