If YOU had one million in cash…

What would you do tomorrow?

Would your plans change?

Or…are you already spending your time doing what you enjoy doing the most?

These questions are not easy to answer. They may make you feel uncomfortable.

But I thought I should share these questions today…because of the conversation I had with Eric, a young landscape contractor.

Eric had recently accepted our Wealthy Landscaper Productivity Challenge.

He found himself on a phone call with yours truly to help him analyze his numbers and see if there might be a fit for him to work with my company.

He told me how he had been cheated out of thousands of dollars by “consultants” who had promised to help him fix his business. The problem was…he spent the money…but still had big problems.

The young landscaper was surprised by what I told him. In fact, based on his reaction, I thought it would be a good time for me to share this with my readers today.

I said, “Before you decide to take financial advice from ANYONE in the future, you better ask to see their personal financial statement. NEVER take financial advice from ANYONE who is worth LESS than you are. Only take financial advice from those who are worth five, ten, or twenty times what you are worth today.

I explained to Eric that I had published my recommendations on this subject because I’ve heard too many complaints from landscape business owners who had poor results working with business consultants.

And then Eric asked the best question ever.

He said, “Tony Bass, if you are all set and worth millions, why are you talking to me on a Friday afternoon?

I said, “That’s a great question Eric! Let me explain. There are three reasons I’m talking to you right now.”

1) I’ve been where you are. I know how bad it hurts to have a tiny bank account and a sore back. I told myself in those dark days that if I ever figured it out…I’d do my best to help others. My company (and my life) was saved by mentors who were willing to help. Some of those who helped me the most have passed on. Today, I’m paying it forward.

2) I was blessed with a strong mind. I’m really good with numbers. I love working with numbers. It may sound weird, but I love financial reports, spread sheets, and financial analysis. I’ve learned that many landscapers love working with their hands and they avoid working with their numbers.  But most of all, I love helping business owners improve their profits. I simply love what I do! Today, I’m doing exactly what I want to do. Which brings me to number three.

3) I believe I’ll be judged – not by how much money I have – but by how many people I help.  I’ve set a goal to help 10,000 lawn and landscape business owners double profits. You may think what I say next is REALLY WEIRD. But here are the facts. I KNOW that tax revenue only comes from ONE place – PROFITABLE BUSINESSES. Unprofitable businesses are a drain on our economy and our country. Our country will fail unless we have a strong, successful, line up of profit-producing, tax-paying businesses. I want YOUR business to become an asset on the balance sheet of America. We have no room for bigger liabilities. I believe I’m serving our country in my highest capacity when I help an entrepreneur succeed.


I’ll ask the question once again…

If you had a seven-figure or eight-figure bank account, what would you be doing right now? Would you stop reading my articles? Would you sleep in late on Monday? Would you change how you spend your time? Would you commit to improving your company day after day after day?

Think about it.

Let me hear back from you.

I’d love to hear what you think about these ideas.

Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder

PS – If you would like to improve the profits of your lawn or landscape company, take the Wealthy Landscaper Productivity Challenge. The video and PDF download are found here. Compare your results to other contractors in our study. Then let me know how you compare.