When Will You Hire A Robot? I have. And I’ll bet you’ll hire one soon.

I need to tell you a story. This can help further explain why.

Maxx & I went to a seminar on robotics a few days ago.
Maxx is my 10-year-old son.  He was out of school.

I received an email alert just about the time we departed, reminding me of the day’s planned event.  Robotics in action! Cool.  I don’t have to remember meeting dates and times.  My mind can focus on more productive matters.

Our first stop was a visit to the gas station. We had a 3 hour drive to get to the seminar location.  The robotics of the automated gas pump attendant processed our order without flaw.  We did not have to go inside the store and wait in line behind people buying cigarettes and lottery tickets. I’m thankful.
My smart phone provided flawless turn-by-turn instructions and we navigated the traffic of the big city like we might have done it a hundred times before.  We passed through a toll booth in route to the seminar and quickly tossed 50 cents into the toll collection tray.  The toll booth robotic arm raised quickly and we were on our way.  No big deal you might think.  These things happen every day in your life too!

We arrived at the hotel and found a drink machine near the restroom. We slid three one dollar bills into the machine. An amazingly quick robotic arm picked up the can of Monster Energy drink and gently placed it in the tray for pick up.  The speed and precise movements of the robotic arm were clearly visible through the clear glass on the machine. Maxx and I were amazed.  We don’t have machines like this in our small town.  Thats pretty cool, Maxx said.

Robots have slowly crept into every aspect of our daily lives.
We sat through the two-hour presentation on how to use robots to improve our company’s sales processes and customer service.  This is much more than swiping your credit card.  We looked at the most detailed mind maps I had ever seen in my life.  I started thinking, Is this early and affordable AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Unlike the basic process maps we typically use in documenting “lean” manufacturing, the “if then” statements flowed with perfect logic.  But unlike a lifeless flow-chart, there was two-way communication portals strategically used in each carefully planned section of the mind map. If youve ever heard the term work on your business&well this is really how you do it!

As I sat there, I began to wonder… “Will a robot run my company?  Could a robot run my company?  Could a robot run my client’s companies?”  As I considered these thoughts, I thought about how many interactions I had this very day with robotic machines.  Heres another example.

During the day trip, my cell phone and a half dozen phone calls were merged through the communication system built into my car for hands free communication.  I’ll admit, I feel safer not having to dial numbers, but simply speak the voice commands while driving. Funny. Much of that car was built by robotic welding machines.

As Maxx & I pulled into our driveway at the end of the day, I thought proudly about how the lawn was so green&even with 90 degree weather.  I love my automated sprinkler system. And at 6:03 pm I received my email confirmation of daily automated deposits from my corporate online robot.  I smiled. 🙂

Smart companies are not hiring. They are automating.

The government doesn’t understand this.  Smart companies would rather NOT HIRE due to the frustrations with increasing government regulation tied directly to hiring employees (who might not show up for work on time).  Businesses on the cutting edge of technology are finding ways to automate their work using robots.  As a business owner, I’ve been on this cutting edge since 1996.  Each year, my sales grow&without hiring more employees.  How?  By increasing my utilization of affordable robotics.

Id like to introduce you to Ms. Dependable, my online robotic secretary. She never sleeps, never calls in sick, and doesnt ask for increases in pay. She coordinates my meetings without flaw. She manages my calendar without phoning me 10 times a day.

Im sharing this with you for two reasons.

  • 1) Few landscape business owners are using this tool to better manage appointments and increase team productivity.  I thought youd like to see how it works.
  • 2) If you are interested in growing sales WITHOUT hiring employees.  Pick a time on my calendar.  You and I can talk automation…no charge …for up to 30 minutes…but only by using the address below.


Are you like me?  Are you employing robots in your company?  If you’re not hiring robots yet, I’ll predict you will sooner than later.  Here’s why.  Companies that automate routine tasks develop lower cost structures along the way.  As they do, profits improve and business outputs become more predictable.  You stay ahead of crowd. You move faster than the competition.

You might not think of the gas pump or the toll booth as a robot.  You might not think that your website is a robot.  And, based on my review of hundreds of lawn and landscape business websites (and yours), 92% are much more like a brochure than a robot.  But that will change. Your website is where robotics can start working for 24/7. But youll need to understand how to capitalize on new technology.

The gas pump was once manually operated and pay phones lined the street corners of cities.  No more!  The merger of robotics, phones and websites are already well underway. I find this technology in the elite landscaping firms I work with.  These are the companies that produce superior profits.  Many are in (or on their way to) the top 5%.  These are business owners who agree with my position that every landscape business owner should enjoy a six-figure income and know exactly what to do to enjoy a 7-figure exit from their business when they are ready. Will you accept an invitation to talk?

To employ robots is to gently move from acting as a technician, working IN your business, to a manager and entrepreneur working ON your business.  So if youre stuck or feeling lost with all this techno-talk.  Im here to help.  There’s much to do.  And boy oh boy, it is fun!

If you skipped setting up a phone meeting. Thats fine.  Ill explain everything you need to know to figure out how to begin to profit from automation using online robots.  Just watch this special video.  My bonus gift&just for reading my letter today.