Dear Lawn or Landscape Contractor:

Will YOU become wealthy from landscaping?

I had another client of mine cash-out with a 7-figure payday last week. (He sold and exited his landscaping company.)

Wealth accumulation is up to you. Becoming wealthy is a personal decision…it’s a choice each of us can make.

But be careful…it’s easy to get confused on your road to wealth.

You see, being BUSY does not necessarily create wealth.

You must focus your energy on the right things…or you may never find wealth regardless of how hard or how long you work.

It’s important you understand the landscaper wealth formula.

You see…Wealth from landscaping is a choice.

And YES… it’s 100% possible to become very wealthy from the income you create while providing lawn & landscaping services.

However, it’s also possible your company could crash and burn during the next economic meltdown.

That’s why we recommend you create multiple streams of income within your wealth accumulation plans.

To help you adopt this proven plan, I’ve included a summary review of the Wealthy Landscaper checklist below.

5 Ways Landscape Business Owners Build a 7-Figure Future

aka – The Wealthy Landscaper Checklist

1) Your company MUST create profits 3x to 5x the profits of average landscape companies. The data is very clear. 

Most landscape companies are operating with painfully low profit margins.  If you’re going to become wealthy from landscaping…this must be corrected immediately. 

There are 3 ways to rapidly increase profits:

  • raise prices,
  • lower expenses and
  • increase productivity.

Your ability to generate wealth from landscaping starts with one core competency. 

It’s called “price right”. 

When you “price right”, the work you do will generate profits for you and your business. 

When you “price right”, your customer or prospect will hire YOU because the project fits their budget. 

Wealth is created when you win profitable jobs

Wealth is destroyed when you win unprofitable jobs. 

Wealthy landscapers always become experts at pricing right.  This will NEVER change!

If you happen to provide ongoing lawn services with recurring billing, you are sitting on a gold mine. There’s two things you must do.

More on this in a minute. 

2) Wealthy landscapers NEVER SAY, “My accountant takes care of my taxes.”

Wealthy landscapers take an active roll educating themselves on tax reduction strategies.

Since 25 cents to 45 cents of EVERY DOLLAR YOU EARN goes to some form of tax payments, you’ll rapidly increase wealth when you learn AND use advanced tax reduction strategies.

Just in case you missed our detailed report on 10 tax reduction strategies for 2023, you can read the tax reduction report right here.

Wealth is often derailed by overpaying taxes. 

Please understand, tax reduction pays you an immediate 25% to 45% return on your investment, so it’s a critical part of wealth accumulation.  

Meet with your CPA, tax attorney or enrolled agent and review this tax reduction report.

Never overpay your taxes! Keep more of YOUR money to build your wealth.

This next recommendation surprises many landscape business owners…

3) Wealthy landscapers use a portion of profits from lawn and landscaping income to purchase positive cash flow properties.

There’s a good reason you should invest in real estate!

Real estate investments are a “tax advantaged” investment.

If you follow the Wealthy Landscaper checklist in order, you will learn that real estate investments create several wealth building advantages including:

  • Tax advantaged depreciation
  • Accumulation of equity
  • Real estate is easily leveraged
  • Positive cash flow provides low tax income
  • Appreciation of real estate value and…
  • Real estate investing is employee resistant

Many of the skills you have developed as a lawn & landscape business owner could make you an effective real estate investor.

A portfolio of just ten single family homes could easily create a six-figure annual income without a single employee.

My wife and I began our real estate investment journey in our late 20’s. We decided to build our own alternative retirement plan. We called it our 10-Home Retirement Plan.

The ten-home retirement plan will NEVER be offered to you by your Wall Street investment advisor. 

I’ve also noticed that very few lawn and landscaping business consultants advise their clients to use real estate to build wealth.

I’d like to explain more on the subject of the ten home retirement plan in our upcoming webinar training event. Click here to save your seat.

I’d like to explain the details of how YOU can follow this wealth accumulation plan. Join us for the upcoming Wealthy Landscaper Plan webinar event December 28, 2023 at 12 noon eastern.

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Oh…I’ll make sure to share the two things you must do to rapidly grow profits during this live webinar training event.

4)  Most lawn and landscape business owners could rapidly increase profits by cross-selling or up-selling existing clients a handful of specialized high-profit services.

Specialized services can help you move up-market and create very high-profit service lines.

For example, adding holiday decorating, pressure washing, rubbish removal or gutter cleaning may allow you to increase hourly rates without the hassle of “bidding”.

Adding revenue from existing customers is almost always more profitable than adding revenue from new customers.

Gross selling and upselling has transformed the profits of growing landscaping companies nationwide. It doesn’t matter if you do residential or commercial or industrial or government contracts. You explode profits with these strategies.

Pay careful attention…

The wealthy landscaper looks for off-season income streams that maximize return on investment of fixed assets. 

Avoid adding new services that create heavier workloads in the Spring.

You’re already busy-busy-busy in the Spring.

Even small increases of revenue with highly profitable services during the slow months can dramatically enhance profits.

With more than three and a half decades in the landscaping industry, we’ve identified 16 off-season income stream examples.

I’d like to cover these with you in the upcoming webinar event titled:  The Wealthy Landscaper Plan for 2024

Registration is REQUIRED but access to this LIVE WEBINAR EVENT is FREE. Click here to register.

5) Every lawn and landscape business owner will leave their company someday.

Some will create a 7-figure payday upon exit (like my client did last week).

Others will choose to stay busy-busy-busy and never learn the proven business model that maximizes exit options and exit price.

Listen carefully:

Wealthy landscapers build a Power Team of experts to help them plan their exit YEARS in advance of exiting their company. 

Start with a professional business appraisal.  Find out what your company is really worth today.

Then seek advice on how you could improve the value of your company.  (Hint: growing your PROFITS makes your company more and more valuable.)

Hire yourself a good business consultant. Hire someone who has a track record of success. Learn from them.

Here’s a powerful tip regarding hiring a consultant.

You want to make sure they have a track record of financial success. So ask any prospective consultant to share their personal financial statement to prove they have accumulated more wealth than you have.

Once you hire a consultant and build a business plan, make certain you make the adjustments you need to grow profits. That’s job #1.

Then keep growing.  The earlier you begin preparing for an exit, the more likely you’ll create a 7-figure payday for you and your family.

Let’s wrap up this wealthy landscaper plan for 2024 with the most important point yet.

The Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage 

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, created the first company that reached a trillion-dollar market cap.

It happened 7 years after his death. Steve knew he was dying well in advance. The final product initiative of his career wasn’t an I-Pod, I-Pad or I-Phone…

His final effort was to establish Apple University. It’s the internal education system for the team at Apple.

The only sustainable competitive advantage is to educate yourself each and every year…never allowing yourself to become out dated, out smarted or out performed.

Education is YOUR choice. But we know it’s not always easy to know where to go for landscape business education. 

That’s why we hold the Profit Builder Budgeting & Estimating Event for owners of lawn and landscape businesses.

We want to help YOU stay one-step ahead of the competition.

Our next education event is just a few weeks away.

I am proud to report that we have had just over 400 lawn and landscape business owners attend this exclusive small-group training event since we held the first event in 2010.

Our last event was rated 5 stars by our students. 

One business owner…a 31 year veteran of owning a landscaping business told me, “I just never knew where to go to get help like this. But I’m glad I finally found you!”

I have other business owners say, “I wasn’t sure if my company was big enough to attend your event. But I’m glad I decided to come anyway.”

And another business owner operating a company with over $10 million in annual revenue said, “Tony, thanks for your class last year. What I learned finally helped me move the needle on growing profits.”

Most of our attendees operate growing companies that have big dreams to grow revenue and profits.

Some have really good financial records. Others come seeking advice on how to organize and read their financial statements.

Others come to learn how to improve their estimating system.

All leave with a well-planned budget and a unique method to recover overhead and grow profits.

We have eight seats still available for next month. I hope you will join us. Click here to save your seat for Profit Builder 2024.

To Your Wealth,

Tony Bass, founder – The Wealthy Landscaper

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I’ll be happy to take your call and see if there’s a good fit for us to work together.

One last thing…

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