The Super Lawn Technologies Teen Work Challenge Project is designed in the spirit of a final exam for our work based learning and internship students. 

Our goal was to determine if we could develop high school or technical college students (under 20 years of age) to build a Super Lawn Truck system in 2 weeks or less while meeting our quality and time-based production standards. 

During the entire process the students were supervised, monitored, and quality inspected by experienced adults working in our company.

We started the program by reaching out to high school and technical college aged students who had an interest in working part-time in a manufacturing environment. After 6 months of working with these students, we created a video to explain how the program was progressing and future students could apply. ( 

We were specifically looking for students who had an interest in welding, woodworking, automotive electrical, automotive paint and shop/facility maintenance.

We added the work based learning and internship programs for students in order to provide a positive work based learning experience for students in the Middle Georgia area.

Further, as a manufacturing firm, we need employees with skilled trades such as welding, woodworking, automotive electrical, automotive painting, and shop/facility maintenance. 

When we kicked off this program, we had little to no experience in hiring work based learning students. And to be quite honest, we had no idea that the program would develop as quickly and as positively as it has.

During the past 12 months, we have brought on 12 work based learning students or college interns.  During this time two of the college interns developed, graduated and accepted full-time welding positions. 

We had one work based learning student exit the program prior to graduation.

During the weeks of April 26, 2021 to May 7, 2021 the Teen Work Challenge project will involve 10 teens in the complete build-out and assembly of a base model of Super Lawn Trucks Eco Series Truck. 

Our company is documenting the Teen Work Challenge process with a detailed video to showcase the skills developed and used on this project. We will encourage each of our work based learning students and interns to add this project to their resume of real-world work experience.   

Our hope is that other students will see the opportunity that Super Lawn Technologies provides to develop skilled trades right here in Middle Georgia. Future work based learning and internship students will be asked to apply online at

We hope this video will show the world the talent of our youth. We hope that our youth will learn that solid career opportunities exist for skilled trades. 

We plan to release our video documentary of the Teen Work Challenge in the summer of 2021. We invite you to share this story with your friends, family members, co-workers, teachers, media and community leaders. 

For more information on this project, please contact us at 478-822-9704. 

Tony Bass. Founder and CEO