Dear Lawn and Landscape Business Owner,

This message could be offensive to you.

On the other hand, this could be the biggest wake-up call you’ve ever read.

It’s October 1, 2021 as I write this message.

Hunting season is opening all across our country.

Able bodied outdoors enthusiasts (like about 80% of my landscaping clients) look forward to the fall hunting season.

Get outside…

Get quiet…

Bond with nature…

Enjoy cooler weather…

Pause with family…

And hopefully…

Harvest your trophy!

I wish you luck!

But here’s the problem with hunting season…

Just about the time your company has the opportunity to explode profits…

You take the foot off the gas pedal to stop and go hunting…a week, perhaps two weeks, maybe every weekend for the next few months?

And here’s what you must think about.

Let’s say you set a goal to bring in a super-successful 20% net profit in your company.

Let’s say your company works 12 months on average 20 work days per month or 240 days per year.

Well, 20% of your work days would be exactly 48 days of the 240 work days.

Unfortunately, the first 192 work days pays for all of your expenses and overhead. You don’t make any stinking profit until you pay ALL of your taxes, expenses and ALL of your overhead.

There’s just 3 months left in 2021…around 60 work days to close out 2021.

AND…the last 48 days of the year is when you can finally make some serious money!

Your money!

Your profit!

But wait…

You’ve been busting your butt all year long.

Hunting season comes in…

You owe yourself some time off.


The holiday season is right around the corner.

Be careful my friend.

Even a good year can be destroyed in as few as 60 days of poor performance.

NOW is the time to put the pedal to the metal and bill as much work as humanly possible.

You have a chance to make this year your very best year ever!


You could decide to go hunting and coast out the last quarter of the year.

I don’t know when this red-hot landscaping market might cool off.

But, I know cool weather tends to slow the urgency of some landscaping projects.

I hope and pray you don’t let the distractions of hunting season, cooler weather and the coming holidays slow you and your team down.

Finish strong!

Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder


PS – We will be in Louisville, KY October 20-22, 2021 for the Green Industry Expo and Hardscape North America. I hope to see you there!