Super Lawn Technologies is very pleased to announce the unveiling of Super Lawn Technologies’ greenest addition to the Super Lawn Trucks™ family-a solar powered charging system for battery powered lawn care tools, the Super Mobile Solar Powered Charging System. The state of the art, green technology allows lawn or landscape crews to utilize the efficiency of battery operated tools sourcing clean electricity directly from the sun! Super Lawn Technologies’ proven and popular Super Lawn Trucks™ system is the perfect solution to help battery powered lawn and garden equipment become a mainstay in the lawn & landscape contracting industry.

The Super Mobile Solar Powered Charging System being unveiled is designed to power a 3-man crew using commercial-grade, battery powered hand tools for a full work day. It allows business owners to save tremendously on fuel costs and move away from the headaches of petroleum consuming machines often rendered useless by ethanol content in today’s fuels. The on-board charging system is designed to keep workers on task without time consuming refueling procedures and expensive repairs. Drastically reduced carbon emissions and quiet operation position contractors as environmental leaders.

The unveiling will take place Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. inside the Super Lawn Technologies booth #5210 at the GIE+EXPO in the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Tony Bass, founder and CEO at Super Lawn Truck says, “We believe battery powered hand tools will become the #1 choice for contractors seeking ways to lower operating costs, reduce harmful emissions and position their company as a leader in their market area. The large roof area on the Super Lawn Truck system is the perfect place to harness the power of the sun with an affordable solar system. The roomy interior of the enclosed truck body provides the perfect location for the robust electrical components and battery charging stations for fast re-charge of batteries.”

Bass adds, “We appreciate the support of the Greenworks Power Tools team for providing an extensive supply of power tools, batteries and support during initial testing and product development of the Super Mobile Solar Powered Charging System.”

Super Lawn Technologies is selecting 10 companies to serve as Brand Ambassadors, further beta testing the new Super Mobile Solar Powered Charging System in the field. Lawn & landscape companies interested may apply for this beta test at the SLT booth #5210 Oct 19-20, 2017.

Contact: Jennifer Bullington at (478) 822-9704, (478) 955-8337 (cell) or email .

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