Fort Valley, GA – As part of this year’s GIE Expo, Tony Bass – inventor of the Super Lawn Truck ” – is pleased to announce the launch of the newly redesigned SLT Hydra-Ramp ” system. A product designed to help today’s landscape professional master their business.

As part of the three-day GIE Expo (Oct. 28-30th), Bass will be on hand to demonstrate the new SLT Hydra-Ramp ” System , answer questions about the how the Hydra-Ramp was designed specifically for the landscape professional and share his tips for growing a profitable landscape business.

In development for the last several years, the SLT Hydra-Ramp System ” has been designed to create a lighter, stronger, safer and more efficient Hydra-Ramp system for its specialized SLT landscaping trucks. The Hydra-Ramp operation time is reduced from 35 to 10 seconds, a significant improvement in an industry where every second is important.

In addition, the redesign project converted the Hydra-Ramp into three new versions:

  • A stronger Hydra-Ramp made to withstand 2,500 lbs.
  • An even sturdier version for heavier equipment that withstands¬†4,000 lbs.
  • A standalone version with a 1,500 lb weight limit to be marketed to other industries such as movers and furniture delivery companies.

The Super Lawn Truck ” is a highly specialized landscaping truck system designed for storage and transport of the tools needed to operate an efficient and profitable landscaping company. The new SLT Hydra-Ramp ” was engineered to make the Super Lawn Truck ” even more efficient and was developed through a partnership between Bass and some of the brightest engineering minds from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

For more information about Tony Bass, the Super Lawn Truck Hydra-Ramp ” system or to schedule an interview during the GIE Expo, please contact Johanna Anderson at or visit

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About Tony Bass

Tony Bass is a successful entrepreneur, inventor, author, consultant and speaker whose purpose and passion is helping green-industry small businesses achieve their fullest potential.

A 1987 graduate in Agricultural Mechanization at the University of Georgia, Bass founded Bass Custom Landscapes a company he grew to a multi-million dollar enterprise before selling the business in 2006.

Bass then went on to earn two U. S. Patents for equipment he engineered to master efficiency in his landscape company. In 1998 these inventions lead to the introduction of the Super Lawn Truck ” system, an enclosed truck designed specifically for landscaping. With a tool storage system, patented ramp for loading equipment, hydraulic debris dumper and more, Super Lawn Trucks ” are in use in 42 states and Canada.