6-24-2023 For Immediate Release:

Forward thinking lawn and landscape contractors are looking for ways to make the transition to battery powered lawn care.

Since 2017, Super Lawn Trucks has been a driving force behind on-the-go lithium battery charging with the introduction of the Solar Lawn Truck. This on-the-go charging system is the affordable way to transition to battery powered equipment. Contractors have to purchase far less batteries when they have the ability to recharge batteries in their truck. This is an important step in keeping the upfront capital cost of battery tools comparable to gas powered equipment.

Super Lawn Trucks has been leading the affordable transition to battery equipment.

You need to know… there are serious challenges to switching from gas-powered to battery-powered equipment.

First, lithium batteries are very, very expensive. This means, the more batteries you have to buy, the more capital cost required. If you go about this transition the wrong way, your cost of equipment is going up, up, up.

Second, the more batteries you buy, the more charging stations you must buy to recharge batteries. Charging stations add to the cost of the equipment.

Third, the more charging stations you buy, the more electrical circuits and power outlets you need in your shop to recharge batteries. If you purchase enough batteries to keep a crew running all day, you’ll invest thousands of dollars in batteries and could make the whole idea of battery powered lawn care unaffordable.

Contractors can solve all three problems by choosing an off-grid, affordable, charge-on-the-go system like what you find on the Solar Lawn Truck. The all-enclosed warehouse on wheels becomes the perfect tool allowing for roof-top solar panels, underbody accessory battery bank and a fully functioning in-body 120V electrical system to charge batteries and lawn equipment on-the-go.

Recharging lithium batteries for lawn equipment requires a clean, pure sine wave power source in order to prevent damage to expensive lithium batteries. And since many battery systems only allow lawn care tools, like backpack blowers, to run for a half an hour or so, you’ll need to recharge batteries several times a day if you want to go electric.

We want to show the Solar Lawn Truck system to the most forward-thinking landscape contractors across the USA. That’s why we are announcing the 2023 “Electrify the Landscape” tour. We will display our Solar Lawn Truck with the Super Lawn Truck system and Isuzu N-Series chassis at the following major industry events.

Four Industry Trade Show Events – Come See the Solar Lawn Truck

  • The first trade show we will be participating in is the Lawn and Landscape Technology Conference being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The trade show will take place August 9-11, 2023. You can find us in booth 534 which is a roomy 20’ X 40’ booth space directly across from the food and beverage section on the trade show floor.

Register to attend this Technology Conference event by clicking here.

  • The next stop will be at the NALP Elevate Conference in Dallas,Texas on September 10-13, 2023. We will be in booth 637, which can be found toward the back of the exhibit hall just a few sections to the right of the networking area.

Learn more and register to attend the NALP Elevate Conference by clicking here.

  • Our third stop will be at the Landscape Expo in Anaheim, California on September 20-21. You can find us in booth 363 just past the Growers Lane. You can register to attend the Landscape Expo here. With the pending restrictions for gas powered lawn equipment operations in the state of California, we invite all contractors to check out the Solar Lawn Truck system so you can make a smooth and affordable transition to battery powered, zero emissions lawn equipment.
  • Our final stop will be at the Equip Expo and Hardscape North America in Louisville Kentucky. This tradeshow will be on October 18-20. We will display the Super Contractor Truck system specially designed for hardscape contractors, in booth 27028, a few booths down from the Unilock Coffee Station.

We will provide guided tours of the Solar Lawn Truck system in booth 5210, next to the Isuzu Commercial Truck of America booth. You can register for this Equip Expo/HNA event here.

One of the highlights of the Equip Expo is the outdoor demo area. Super Lawn Trucks will also be on display in the outdoor booth 5220D. Climb in our trucks, operate the loading ramps, side-tipping Debris Dumper™ and test out the equipment storage system.

Super Lawn Truck is the only commercial truck body company in the USA that dedicates 100% of its energy into serving the professional landscape contractor. Established in 1998, Super Lawn Trucks has become the leader in providing lawn and landscape contractors rugged work trucks that serve as a warehouse on wheels with secure, organized tool storage and on-board fueling stations, all designed for daily commercial use. We are proud to have delivered highly-customized trucks to the most forward-thinking landscape contractors in forty eight states and Canada. If you own or operate a lawn, landscape, hardscape, irrigation or snow removal service business, we’d like to meet you.

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of these events!

Please stop by and meet our team and take an up-close look at Super Lawn Trucks, the Solar Lawn Truck or the Super Contractor Truck at an industry event!

See you soon!

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Tony Bass, founder

Super Lawn Trucks