Super Lawn Trucks encourages team members to invest in their education. To help make paying for advanced education more affordable, we created the Super Lawn Truck scholarship program.

Scholarship funds must be used to pay tuition for education at an accredited two year or four year college, university or technical college. Enrollment in online or campus based learning are approved for scholarships. Scholarship funds can be used to pay for the major or subject matter of choice.


Scholarship funds are available to any team member at Super Lawn Trucks. You must be employed at Super Lawn Trucks or Tony Bass Consulting at the time of application and at the time of award of the scholarship.

Scholarship Amounts

Team members can apply for scholarships and receive up to $4000 per year to pay for their post-secondary education. Scholarship amounts will be based on the annual scholarship budget, the number of hours the applicant has worked during the scholarship period, and the quality of the application submitted.

How to apply

Team members can apply for scholarships at anytime. Awards are made two times per year.

Applications received between December 1 and June 30 are eligible for award in July. Applications received between July 1 and November 30 are eligible for award in December.

Interested students are required to complete an application. The application will be submitted in the form of an essay that explains the following:

  • Their job position and work history with Super Lawn Trucks and/or Tony Bass Consulting including time of employment and experience they have received while working there.
  • Their plans for education including the school they plan to attend, the topics they plan to study and why they are interested in these topics.
  • Their plans or hopes for their career after graduation.
  • The essay should not exceed 2000 words. The essay should be clearly written with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. The essay must include the applicants name, high school or college they currently attend and the date they intend to begin secondary education.
  • Applications must be typed, printed and placed inside a sealed envelope clearly marked SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION ENCLOSED on the outside of the envelope then delivered in person to the office of Super Lawn Trucks 1610 Peach Parkway Fort Valley, GA 31030. Applications during normal business hours 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.