From: Tony Bass, founder

As of 9-12-22

It’s Monday as we write this important update.  I have good news and bad news.

You or your company requested a quotation from Super Lawn Trucks in the past few months. So we thought you may appreciate receiving an update on the current state of availability of Lawn and Landscape Trucks.

Regardless if you or your company needs a lawn or landscape truck today, we believe that you will be better prepared for the 2023 season if you understand what is going on with trucks, truck bodies and accessories.

First, we’d like to share really good news.

Super Lawn Trucks has just received delivery of Isuzu N-Series single cab AND crew cab gas-powered chassis units. These trucks were ordered way back in April of 2021.

As of today, we have approximately 20 units that are available for purchase or lease. This represents the largest selection of available chassis units since December of 2021. 

Further, these 20 units have the lowest prices available. After these units are sold, future orders will be subject to the price increase surcharge of approximately $6,500 per truck. So, if you have a need to add a crew, replace an old truck or update your fleet, now is the time.

Further, orders placed right now will help you lower your 2022 income tax bill when you take advantage of current tax law and accelerated depreciation. Speak with your accountant to see if placing an order could help you dramatically reduce your tax bill.

These trucks are being sold on a first deposit received basis.

You can scan the QR code ====>

or visit to reserve your chassis unit while we have a small amount of inventory available. 

We can provide financing for the purchase of Super Lawn Trucks at affordable rates including the purchase of the truck, truck body, accessories, custom paint and logos.

Here’s the bad news…

Truck availability is going to be very limited for calendar year 2022 and will likely stay very tight through calendar year 2023. We are still waiting for delivery of chassis units that we ordered in April of 2021. We have not been allowed to order more chassis units for the 2023/2024 model year. We want you to understand that if your company is growing, please order trucks three to six months ahead of your need.

We continue to face significant supply chain problems while prices for supplies are rising. Therefore, all quotes that we provide are subject to change after 20 days or anytime inventory changes. For example, after we fill the orders on the available inventory, chassis prices are subject to the $6500 supply and transport surcharge that has been issued by Isuzu Trucks of North America effective September 1, 2022.

Three ways we help lower your costs for Super Lawn Trucks…

First, this message is intended to help you avoid the $6500 supply and transport surcharge. We are alerting you to this opportunity since you have requested a quote(s) in the past few months. After these twenty units are gone, the price is going up.

Second, repeat buyers can claim the “repeat buyersdiscount. Ask your Super Lawn Truck sales representative for your discount if you are a repeat buyer.

Third, we will be attending the Equip Expo in Louisville, KY October 18-21, 2022. As of today we plan on building 4 or 5 (if we have time) DEMO units for the show. You could take advantage of FREE delivery to the Equip Expo IF you select one of these DEMO units that we will be using in our show displays.

Purchasing a DEMO model could save you thousands if you act quickly. Please CALL toll free 866-923-0027 to place a hold on a DEMO model.

We look forward to working with you on your lawn and landscape truck needs today while we build a growing relationship for decades to come.

Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder


PS – We are open 8 am to 5 pm M-F. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you reach us after hours, just leave a message. We will call you back.