That’s why you’re invited to personally experience the “Dreaming” process that has awakened hundreds of entrepreneurs and revitalized their businesses.

You know, as entrepreneurs, we tend to have big dreams and big goals. It comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur. But in most cases, as we attempt to fulfill those dreams, we find ourselves buried by the responsibilities of owning and growing a business.

Add to that burden a struggling economy, tough competition and demanding customers and it’s no wonder so few entrepreneurs reach their ambition.

Somewhere along the way, their entrepreneurial spirit gets buried in the process of (as Michael E. Gerber puts it) “doing it, doing it, doing it.”

But why am I am sharing all this with you?

Because I’ve just found out that Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, Awakening the Entrepreneur Within, and my partner and co-author of The E-Myth Landscape Contractor, will be hosting one final Dreaming Room® Session in celebration of the Dreaming Room’s® 5th anniversary. And you are invited to attend, as my Michael E. Gerber Partner Guest, to a much reduced price:

December 9-11, 2010
In Carlsbad, California
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What’s the Dreaming Room®?

The Dreaming Room® is one of Michael Gerber’s greatest contributions to the small business community. The more he saw business owners, like you and me, get stuck in the rut of running a business, the more he wanted to help entrepreneurs break free.

And he’s done it!

In a 3 day event, Michael Gerber helps business owners transition back into their entrepreneurial mindsets. He helps them rediscover why they were the only one who could create their companies. He gets them thinking about their business in terms of achievement instead of sales. And he helps them create a Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission for the future of their businesses.

And in December, Michael Gerber will be hosting his last Dreaming Room® ever.

Yes, I need to attend this event!

I realize this is short notice. And you’ve got a business to run. But here’s what else I realize – you can get so caught up in your business that you never get anywhere except to the next day (where you’ll do it all over again).

If that is what you’re experiencing, then you can’t afford to miss this event. Michael Gerber himself will be there, working with you to achieve sustained success in your business.

It’s an opportunity you’ll never be given again. And one you’ll regret passing up. So be sure to take a minute and >register now!