When did you get your financial education?

If you are like most of us, you were taught

reading, ‘riting & ‘rythmetic your first 12 years

of school.


Many more of us learned horticulture, turfgrass,

agriculture, landscape design & management

during our professional education in college (4-8 years).


But when were you taught how to read a financial

statement, build a budget, or run a profitable business?

Your opportunity to learn these skills starts right here & now.


We want to help you make a breakthrough in your business!


Chances are, you have the passion, you have a real desire, you

would like to earn more money, take more time away from work

with the family…..but you just don’t know how to get it all together.


To make the business predictable, profitable and scalable…..you need

to grow…..you want the benefits of owning a company, not just owning

a job where you are working for a lunatic….yourself!


You need a plan.  You need a coach, a mentor, a guide to help lead you down

a road to success.  You need someone who has been there and done that!  A person

who has built a multi-million dollar landscaping firm from the ground-up….without a silver spoon feeding an endless supply of capital to hide the painful mistakes of poor business decisions.


Oh….there is much more to come!

But….Here is the start….
The Bottom Line with Tony Bass is a landscape industry

education outreach service sponsored by Pro Magazine,

editor Gregg Wartgow and SLT Training & Education.


This monthly podcast is published specifically for owners

of landscape, irrigation, tree service and snow removal

companies.  The insights provided are based on more

than 2 decades of landscape industry experience owning,

operating and enjoying the profits from a multi-million

dollar landscape company.


Listen in and gain a competitive edge for your company.

Start learning from Tony’s wealth of Financial Education for the Landscape Industry is found here.


Enjoy, Be Inspired & Profit Greatly!

Tony Bass



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