It’s true… a few contractors are skeptical when they learn about the Perfect Invitation Script. Could you really improve your hiring system by improving the words you use to introduce your company to a prospective employee? 

The answer is an emphatic YES!

Words matter. 

And how you describe your vision for your future company and the opportunities a prospective employee could enjoy really does matter!

When you have a clearly written vision of what your future company will look like, you begin to set your company apart. And we get it… it’s not easy to have a clear vision of the future when you’re young in your business or you’re struggling to keep the lights on. 

Big companies do an excellent job with this. Small companies tend to do a poor job with this. But all companies can improve their employee recruiting system.

So, if you are interested in attracting better employees, today or in the future, it really does start by telling a story about the future of your company and where it’s going. When you do this, you instantly separate your company from the average company and move in an upward, positive direction forever.

You are growing.

You are creating opportunities for those willing to join you.

This idea of using better words may sound so simple that you might think it doesn’t even matter. But believe me… your vision for the future will allow you to attract people who CARE about THEIR future. And if you can help the prospective employee feel like they have a shot to contribute, to be appreciated, to have hope, learn while they work, and in addition to all that, make some good money along the way… you’ll find yourself attracting BETTER employees. I promise.

The next step is to get your part time, full time, seasonal, or temporary employees’ feedback. The Perfect Invitation Script will include the best comments from your existing team. 

I was working with a contractor in south Florida, where the competition for employees was fierce. The business owners were a little skeptical about my process. But we had their existing employees answer three questions. And we learned something really surprising. 

Little did we know that a number of the employees liked working at the company because they had a fenced in parking lot for the employees’ vehicles. I assure you, my clients had never talked about the benefit of a fenced in parking lot in their previous recruiting system. But using our step-by-step process, they learned they had an advantage that needed to be promoted in their recruiting effort.

So, you see? Building a Perfect Invitation Script becomes much easier when you get your employees’ feedback. And I’ll bet there are a handful of things that you do in your company that can set you apart from your competitors. 


If you don’t have employees right now, then think about the things that frustrated you at previous jobs. This can become part of your Perfect Invitation Script

For example, you know, the things that eventually forced you to leave that company? In your script, make sure that you promise to do things that people expect and appreciate… like pay your employees on time, be respectful, never curse at people, always say please, always say thank you, provide opportunities for advancement, and always recognize teammates for a job well done, etc. 

Does this get you thinking? It should. We’ve helped hundreds of contractors improve their recruiting and hiring with this process.

Here are the details…

Part of the 3 step plan is to interview your employees, and it’s easy. We encourage you to go ahead and get started with a simple written survey.

Here are three questions that work every single time:

  1. What are the top 3 things you like about working here?
  2. What is the most frustrating part of working here?
  3. How do you feel about your pay?

Yes, ask for the employee name and put the date on the top of the page, but ask these three questions in writing. You will see that some of your employees offer feedback that you would have overlooked. And you can do this in a short period of time. It starts with using these three questions. Your Perfect Invitation Script will start to take shape.

Almost any motivated business owner can do this if they put their mind to it. But if we hold your hand, it gets even easier. Your Perfect Invitation Script allows you to recruit automatically, and stop wasting time with lazy, unreliable or unqualified employees. 

Anyone who is looking for a job wants to learn about the job without going through a cumbersome application process. So if you go ahead and answer questions like pay scale, opportunities for advancement, benefits that your company provides, work hours, job requirements, and the overlooked benefits (like a fenced in parking lot), you have an advantage in recruiting.

Listen carefully, this is important…

Folks are really worried about their pay these days. Tens of thousands have walked out on their jobs or gone on strike because of pay this year. I don’t know if this is happening to you, but employee pay is going up, up, up. Or your employees are gone, gone, gone.

Which means, inflation continues to make business difficult. You are going to be forced to raise your prices or lose your employees. Higher employee pay may be exactly what your company needs to improve your recruiting and your retention system.

We are going to pause this discussion on employee pay for another day. We will close with this…

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Looking forward to working with you!

Talk soon,

Tony Bass, founder

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