The Bottom Line with Tony Bass is a landscape industry education outreach service sponsored by Pro Magazine editor Gregg Wartgow and Super Lawn Technologies.  This monthly podcast is published specifically for owners of landscape, irrigation, tree service and snow removal companies.  The insights provided are based on more than 2 decades of landscape industry experience, which includes owning, operating and enjoying the profits of a multi-million dollar landscape company.  Listen in and gain a competitive edge for your company!

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What Every Business Owner Should Learn From a Fortune 500 Company (07-05-2011) – Knowing your numbers and reporting them to your key stockholders is what will allow your company to flourish.


Pricing Part 4: Charging For Materials, Labor, Subs and Equipment (02-22-2011) – In this final Bottom Line installment of our four-part pricing series, Tony Bass talks about how surprising it is that so many contractors continue to do an inadequate job of recovering their most basic direct costs. Take a listen so you do not make these same mistakes. Here is one big one to watch out for: Equipment is not overhead!


Pricing Part 3: How To Improve Your Estimating Process (02-22-2011) – How to become a better estimator, and be more competitive and profitable.


Pricing Part 2: Recovering Overhead While Staying Price-Competitive (02-22-2011) – How to accurately recover your cost of doing business job-by-job. When you become an expert in this area, you can say “bye-bye” to lost work due to over-bidding and to all of those jobs you’re losing money on.


Pricing Part 1: Should you raise or lower prices in 2011? (02-22-2011) – It is Bottom Line time once again, and Tony Bass is here to kick-off a four part series on pricing strategies for today’s tough environment.  Get your pencil and calculator ready because Tony will walk you through some important financial calculations to help you become more competitive without sacrificing all of your hard-earned profit.

BONUS CONTENT: Be sure to watch the supplemental video from Tony that will further illustrate his Profit Builder Blueprint for Success.

The Bottom Line: Level the Playing Field by Enhancing Your Image (01-27-2011) – Continuing our discussion of how to reinvigorate sales by reinventing your company, this installment of “The Bottom Line with Tony Bass” looks at how you can improve your professional image in today’s online world.

More Calls, Clicks & Visits in 2010 (01-12-2011) – How to use the New Rules of Marketing and PR to stay competitive in a tight economy.

Thriving in a Low Bid Market (01-03-2011) – Throughout the months of January and February 2011, The Bottom Line with Tony Bass is taking a look at how established landscape contractors can reinvigorate sales by reinventing their companies in the face of increased competition. In this first installment, hear his take on the Green Industry and U.S. economy in general to find out where your biggest opportunities are to start generating sales leads.

Three Ways to Rise Above Your Competition (10-12-2010) – Tony Bass is back to discuss three things, which 90% of your competitors do not do, that can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and rise above the competition.


New or Used Equipment: What Really Costs More (06-21-2010) – Listen in to hear a discussion on new vs. used, and what really costs you more.


Plan Your Financial Future in 8 Hours (01-05-2010) – Having a budget in place creates a plan for your financial well-being.


Low-Cost Personal Growth Strategies (10-27-2009) – The little things that can contribute to your personal growth as a business leader.


Improve Your Sales Process (09-15-2009) – How taking a LEAN approach to your sales process can help you identify the unique things about your company that really matter to prospective customers.


Build Your Superstar Workforce – Right Now! (08-04-2009) – How to properly screen job applicants in order to build that superstar workforce.


Better Job Descriptions, Better Performance (07-07-2009) – How writing clearer, more effective job descriptions will help you get more performance out of your employees.


Strategic Business Planning for Today’s Landscape Contractor (03-17-2009) – What your business plan should include and how to get started.


Wanna’ Increase Profits? Then Quit Wasting Time! (01-05-2009) – How can small businesses in the green industry achieve their fullest potential?