Have you been featured in a news article this year? Like your city’s newspaper or one of the landscape contractor magazines?

If you have, I’d be willing to bet $1,000,000 that YOU read the article.  After all…you care about what people say about you and you care about what people think about you.

Let me explain a seven figure wealth-producing marketing lesson.

First, headlines are used to get someone’s attention. It’s true that we all care more about ourselves and what people think about us than almost anything else.

So, if someone were to publish an article about you, it’s almost certain you would read that article to see what they said about you. The same attention getting principle that applies to you can help you attract high-paying customers.

High-paying customers want answers to their questions about their lawn, landscape and outdoor spaces. When they have a problem or seek a solution, they ask Google.

You help by answering questions (in writing on YOUR website) that your prospects care about. This is how you improve your marketing without spending a ton of money on advertising or click campaigns. Google serves up your answers to those who are interested.

Landscaper’s Best Marketing Plan!

Your customers (and prospects) have questions about their lawn, landscape and outdoor spaces. And it’s very likely that you have answers to their questions. Think of each question as a headline that someone would type into Google.

I encourage you to build a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions you get from your customers. Then, sit down and write out the answers to these ten questions.

Here’s what I do.. Imagine that you are standing in the yard with your customer (or prospect) and having a conversation. Write your answers with simple words in your own conversational style. Don’t try to be too technical. But answer the questions as thoroughly as possible.

The answers to these Top 10 Questions should be published on your website.  Your answers become part of your digital assets helping you leverage the Internet to attract future customers 24-7-365.  The Internet is always on…even while you are sleeping!

Prospects read answers to questions that THEY are interested in…just like you will probably read an article titled “All About (insert your name here)”.

Each question and answer should be published on its own page and the answers should be around 500 words. Here’s why. Google will ignore your answers if the answer is too short.

If you answer your prospects’ (and customer’s) questions in a complete, honest and professional manner, Google will index your answers and serve them up to prospects who ask questions.

Consider this Top 10 Questions a Wealthy Landscaper Success Assignment.

If you want to become the Wealthy Landscaper in your town, you’re going to need to answer lots of questions in your career.  There’s no better way to profit from your knowledge and automate your marketing than publishing your answers on your website.

It’s pretty easy to get to the end of the season, or end of the week, or end of the day and want to relax. But if you do this assignment, your next busy season gets easier and more profitable.

One more thing. This article is pretty short and the explanation is pretty easy to understand. But if you take it seriously, this assignment could be the start of a digital marketing plan that makes you a very Wealthy Landscaper.

Let me know if you need help with marketing your lawn or landscape company.

Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder


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