Super Lawn Technologies is proud to announce the launch of their new website devoted entirely to the Super Contractor Truck. A highly specialized truck that is both an enclosed tool shed AND a dump or stake body in one truck! The website with video demonstration may be viewed at

Contractors in the fencing, cabinet building, construction, home services, and landscape contractors across the country face many of the same problems managing installations jobs. Among the top of the list is the efficient transportation of employees, storage and organization of equipment and job materials in a safe, compact manner. Many contractors have found that elimination of a trailer improves daily productivity and employee safety.

Realizing the need for a single truck and crew solution, SLT has introduced the world to the Super Contractor Truck. This allows you to increase tool storage and still have a large amount of cargo area.  Some companies are now able to send one crew and one truck with all the materials needed to complete an installation job.

The website features a video of several Super Contractor Trucks recently built and delivered to companies around the U.S. You can request a quote and get prices immediately at .

You can personalize your truck for your companies needs. For example, having 6, 8, 10 or 12 foot dump body with fold down sides allows you to carry soil, debris or pallets of product.

Customizing the tool shed (enclosed portion) is just as important as the dump body. Choose from 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 foot long enclosed bodies with walk in ramps, convenient steps and a variety of side door options to choose from.  With customized shelving options, tool storage, power inverters and air compressors available, as well as anything you need extra, the tool shed will keep everything safe and locked up. Use the box as a mobile billboard to enhance your marketing. The Super Contractor Truck turns heads everywhere with its unique design and directs your prospects to call; marketing made easy!

Use the quoting tool on to receive a personalized quote and use our secure and encrypted shopping cart software to purchase outside of normal business hours.

Have more questions? Contact Super Lawn Technologies at 866-923-0027 to discuss the needs of your truck with a SLT Representative. Super Lawn Trucks are 100% made to order with with quality craftsmanship and at the most affordable prices possible.