Middle Georgia high school students’ futures often depend on Internships-working on the job-receiving real-life training.

Peach County Career, Technology and Agriculture teachers recently toured Super Lawn Technologies manufacturing facilities, home of Super Lawn Trucks.

A one-day tour of internships at several local businesses-being viewed from the outside in. The tour-appropriately labeled the CTAE Teacher Externship Day.

“It was very informative. I had no idea that they offer internships and the level that they work with the local community,” said Julie Folse, Computer Science Educator, Peach County High School.

Super Lawn Technologies offers paid internships to high school students in the area allowing them to earn school credits while earning a paycheck.

Instructors got a first-hand glimpse of rugged trucks being built on Isuzu chassis specifically for the lawn and landscaping industry; some built specifically by student interns.

CTAE instructors saw just how much a company like SLT has to offer students. And they seemed to like it…

“This is where it is. It’s about building your own workforce; growing them grass roots,” commented Sabrina Phelps representing the Middle Georgia Consortium and Technical College System of Georgia”

Internships and other on the job learning opportunities are an integral part of many businesses in Peach and surrounding counties helping ensure a strong and reliable local workforce.

It provides serious work experience for students-helping them determine future paths they will choose.

“You can show them so many opportunities that they can have in high school that you don’t have to wait until the next step,” Phelps continued. “They can do it all now and so it’s really getting them on a path to a career.”

Peach County Development Authority Executive Director, BJ Walker, says SLT founder, Tony Bass, leads efforts like these because he listens to his employees because he knows how important each employee is to his company.

“I told the teachers coming in beforehand,” said Walker, “what’s really impressive about Tony…he’s got 24 employees. He knows them personally on an individual basis, not just their names but probably knows their children’s names and what they do. I know it means a lot. It goes far. It’s not just about being an employee. It’s about being part of a small family. I think that’s what he’s trying to do here.”

Internships at Super Lawn Trucks can be applied for from the Contacts tab at superlawntrucks.com.