There are a variety of circumstances in which landscape contractors find themselves in sudden need of an additional truck:

  • Had an accident
  • Major repair needed, i.e. engine or transmission
  • Landed a “temporary” new contract

Circumstances such as those don’t necessarily warrant the purchase of a new truck. Rather, renting for a month or two makes better financial sense.

Super Lawn Technologies has fully outfitted landscape trucks ready to rent, regardless of where you are located in the United States.

What a truck rental costs

For qualifying customers, the monthly fee for a Super Lawn Truck rental is $1,695 with a mileage restriction of 3,000 miles. Anything beyond 3,000 miles is assessed an overage fee of 12 cents per mile.

How customers qualify

  • Pass a credit approval process
  • Provide proof of insurance valid through entire rental period
  • Sign the Super Lawn Technologies rental agreement
  • Pay first month’s rent upfront
  • Provide a $500 deposit that could be refunded based on vehicle condition when returned to Super Lawn Technologies at the end of the rental period
  • Provide a credit card number to allow for automatic monthly payments throughout the rental period

How to take delivery of the truck

Rental customers have three options:

  • Super Lawn Technologies delivers the truck to your door for a one-way mileage fee, which includes the cost of our driver’s return flight
  • Customer flies into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport where Super Lawn Technologies delivers the truck for a $250 flat fee
  • Customer flies into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and arranges own transportation or uses Groome Shuttle service to Super Lawn Technologies’ facility in Fort Valley, GA, roughly 95 miles from the airport; no additional fees are assessed with this option

The same general options and fees apply for returning the truck.

Other requirements for renting a truck

  • Only listed drivers may operate the truck
  • No truck modifications are allowed
  • If in an accident, obtain copy of police report
  • If in an accident, renter is responsible for damages
  • Renter is responsible for any tire damage
  • Any mechanical failures must be reported to Super Lawn Technologies immediately

CASE STUDY: Truck rental helps 8-crew landscaping company get through heart of summer

  1. Lake Environmental Design in East Dublin, GA, has been growing like crazy. Now fielding a total of 8 crews, the full-service landscaping company even had to spring its small collection of spare trucks into action this season.

Given that fact, mid-summer was not the ideal time for one of its older trucks to go down with an engine issue.

“We’ve been a Super Lawn Trucks user since around 2000,” says Tim Lake, company owner. “We’d been planning to have a new Super Lawn Truck custom built for us in the near future. That project was accelerated when that engine blew and we were short a truck. At the same time, we were already having the box on another one of our older Super Lawn Trucks refurbished. So we were really down two trucks at a very busy time of year.”

Lake shared his misfortune with the team at Super Lawn Technologies. “Without hesitation, the team asked me if I wanted to rent a truck for a few months,” Lake relates.

Naturally, Lake jumped at the opportunity. Had he not been able to rent a Super Lawn Truck, his options would have been limited … and not terribly convenient.

“I likely would have had to reach out to my local auto dealer,” Lake says. “I would have had to rent a standard medium-duty truck and hook a trailer to it. That’s not ideal because I lose all of the benefits of the enclosed Super Lawn Truck system with onboard fueling. It also would have been a real pain finding a trailer in the first place and getting it outfitted to handle all of our equipment, tools and supplies. Plus, it’s not easy to pull a trailer around when you’re used to driving a Super Lawn Truck, which is a lot more convenient and easier to back up and park.”

Lake says the Super Lawn Truck he was able to rent had all of the productivity-enhancing features of the typical Super Lawn Truck he would spec for his business. “My rental had everything except the hydraulic ramp,” Lake shares, adding that the manual ramp has worked extremely well, too, and hasn’t been a burden on his employees.

Thinking a truck rental is right for your business?

While T. Lake Environmental Design is located just 66 miles to the east of the Super Lawn Technologies facility, Super Lawn Technologies has rented trucks to landscape companies as far away as New Jersey and Colorado. Nationwide service is available to qualifying customers.