Last week’s essay on the subject of lowering landscape prices in 2023 attracted a number of comments from our readers. This one from Mark Dubois at Quality Landscape and Lawn Care grabbed my attention:

“You had to bring up a bank collapse…”

Yes…I sure did Mark. And then we had two of them bank collapses right quick – bang-bang…perhaps more are just around the corner. Who really knows?

But good ole Fedzilla is here to save the day once again. Now (apparently) we all can count on UNLIMITED insurance for cash on deposit in our banks. We no longer have to shop around for a bank to park a measly $250k in and then go find another to insure our next $250k…(with the highest interest payment possible).

Every dollar is insured? For every depositor? Really? I’m not exactly sure how it’s possible to insure the entire money supply.

Oh heck…

Let me go ahead and say it out loud. I’m calling BS on that promise. Nope. Impossible I say.

There’s no way the Department of Treasury (Janet Yellen), the Federal Open Market Committee Chairman (Jerome Powell), and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Martin J. Gruenberg) …with all their intellect, power, and digital might…can replace all the money in the USA.

But that’s exactly what they said they will do. Unlimited insurance for all depositors! Just one short letter sent to all banks and news media outlets…boom…so shall it be written…so shall it be done!

The point of last week’s essay was intended to keep you on your toes. We learn from the past. At least if we choose to study history. The lessons from 2008 are fresh on my mind. I hope you think about plan B for your 2023. You never know just how fast and how crazy Fedzilla can get.

Which brings me to a moment in March 2020…just 3 short years ago when Fedzilla reared his ugly head and barked out orders for an immediate shut down of our economy. Remember? Essential businesses versus non-essential businesses? Essential workers versus non-essential workers?

Yes…the nostalgia makes me want to puke.

But since we have had so many new readers join here on the journey to become a Wealthy Landscaper…I thought I’d share the article that published on March 15, 2020 as the world was forced into quarantine.

We have the opportunity to demonstrate that our independent thinking and defiance for the idea of absolute rule is consistent and sincere.

We offended a pretty big group of our readers with this essay below. We didn’t set out to offend. But we do continue to share lessons from three and half decades of small business success.

So lets take a stroll together down memory lane.

Happy Spring…

Tony Bass

Originally published March 15, 2020:

A Landscapers Response to Covert 19

If you believe the news media… our entire population has one foot in the grave. The highly-contagious and deadly corona virus will soon destroy us and our way of living…

Personally, I’m offended by the idea that the GOVERNMENT knows what’s best for me, my family and my business.

Further, I have ZERO confidence the GOVERNMENT is going to save everybody…healthy or unhealthy…rich or poor… as it chooses to disrupt our economy via Cancellation Express.

As I sat quietly…reflecting on the latest news…Cancellation Express… my daughter’s college classes, my son’s fishing tournament, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, MLB, The Masters, Broadway…all cancelled… this mandate is ringing in my ears…

Thinking of the absurd idea that the Mayor of New York City, the Governor of any state or the President of the United States of America can STOP a virus from spreading…

It’s just plain DUMB!

My mind quickly heard the words from a powerful lesson learned in the story titled: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.


Even though the Grinch stole every single physical thing the WHO’S in WHOVILLE had set in place for Christmas…The Grinch Couldn’t Stop Christmas From Coming!

Lesson learned!!!

Thank you Mr Grinch!

Here are the facts as of March 15, 2020:

1) Spring is almost here…and it always brings a re-birth of hope and optimism.

2) The grass WILL grow.

3) Weeds are popping up everywhere and this annoys many property owners.

4) The excitement of warm weather, exploding flowers, and the garden’s renewed growth, gets people outside.

5) The people that have entrusted you to care for their lawns and landscapes will need your services more than ever!

6) You and I are adults who understand that if you’re sick you don’t go to work…you go to a Doctor.

7) WE are concerned about our health and we WILL wash our hands and keep our work areas sanitized the best way we know how.

8) WE don’t FIRE EMPLOYEES who need to take time off for illness. Don’t insult me with another stupid news headline that suggest that’s happening in small business when we have a 3.5% unemployment rate.

How about this one…Mr. President, Mr. Governor, Mr. Mayor…

As a JOB CREATOR…with significant capital at risk and my TAX BILLS PAID…

I personally pledge to keep our doors open so our company can honor our contractual obligations while taking care of the businesses we serve in a responsible and efficient manner.

Hit reply and let me know what YOU think…

Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder

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