Bad news – Good news. Here’s the bad news…

The call came in on Friday morning from Kingstown Landscaping. The damn crooks cut catalytic converters off of 8 trucks. That’s a total of 16 catalytic converters. The cost estimate to replace them is almost $60,000 for parts, labor and shipping charges. That’s $3,750 each!

Unfortunately, we are getting these calls every single week over at Super Lawn Trucks. Catalytic Converter theft is on the rise! It’s bad news.

We’ve suffered through the pain of cat theft several times. We know exactly how you feel when it happens to you. If you want, read about our losses right here. (This is a serious matter.)

But the bad news gets even worse.

The catalytic converter theft has become such a nationwide epidemic, there is a terrible shortage of replacement parts. In some cases, we have witnessed back orders up to six months to get the replacement parts.

Further, fail to replace the missing cats with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part, you can void the factory warranty on your truck (if it’s under warranty).

Fail to repair the exhaust system and you’ll quickly see a check engine light come on. Fail to repair the exhaust system and your truck sounds like you might be ready to join the NASCAR truck series. Of course, your customers and their neighbors may not like your straight pipes and non-muffled horsepower. It’s really amazing how loud the truck becomes.

Many states have mandatory annual emissions systems testing. Fail to replace the cats and repair your exhaust system and your trucks could get shut down. It’s impossible to be a dependable landscaper without trucks. So you will need to deal with this.

Insurance coverage may help. But you will still have deductibles and a ton of down time if you get hit. When we lost cats on 17 trucks, we had to pay 17 deductibles! I expect the insurance underwriters to begin excluding cat coverage in the near future. The problem has gotten out of control.

Here’s the good news!

We thought we should share this special notice to help you prevent theft and protect your equipment assets.

After we got ripped off, we began to explore all the ways you might add security measures to protect Isuzu truck cats. The solutions we found at the time were very expensive. The options to protect the cats on an Isuzu NPR gas powered truck were very limited.

Yours truly and Maxx Bass started thinking about how we might design and build protection for the cats on Isuzu trucks that were on our property. We began cutting, bending and shaping sheet metal to enclose the cats and remove them from plain sight.

We invested more than a year adjusting our original prototype part to fit both crew cab and single cab gas powered N-Series Isuzu trucks. We introduced this product at the Equip Expo 2022.

Today, we are installing the new Isuzu Cat Cage by Super Lawn Trucks on every gas powered Isuzu N-Series and Chevy W-Series Truck we build or upfit.

The best news of all, we now have an adequate supply to sell and ship these cat cages to Isuzu and Chevy W-Series Truck owners across the USA.

You can order online at

These parts, along with all of the installation hardware and installation guide, can be shipped to your location. You can install this device in under one hour on most Isuzu gas powered trucks year model 2007 and newer.

Cat cages are now in stock and can be shipped the same week you order.

If you or someone you know owns an Isuzu or W-Series gas powered truck, please add the cat cage to your vehicle to help protect your truck.

For those of you who have already suffered through the theft of cats, we are very sorry this has happened to you. We wish we could have seen this theft thing coming sooner. We wish we would have had this product years ago. But we can’t live in the past.

Please let us know if we can help you.

We have developed several ways to deal with the loss of Cats on your Isuzu or W-series gas powered trucks.

Stay Strong! Fight back!

Tony Bass, founder


PSSince 1986 Isuzu trucks have been the #1 selling low cab forward truck in the USA. The rugged work-truck design has become legendary in dependability and affordability with fleets and truck owners nationwide. Order the highly customized Super Lawn Trucks now for the busy spring season.