Dear Lawn and Landscape Business Owners:

Is your truck working for you 24/7? It should be!

We don’t mean taking crews to jobs around the clock… but when your truck is on the job or driving around town, it should be advertising and marketing your company for you!

Yes, the old static sign on the side of your truck can (with just a little thought and planning) help you multiply your effort to introduce yourself in a professional manner.

Your truck signs could duplicate YOU and automate the marketing that needs to happen in order for you to secure a new client!

Let us explain the basic elements your truck sign should always include. And then we will share a powerful missing message to almost all truck signs.


Your truck sign should use contrasting colors to make it easy for someone to read going down the road.

Avoid decorative and cursive looking fonts to make sure the letters are clear. Make your signs (and fonts) as large as possible for maximum attention. Here’s an example of a truck sign that might surprise you.

This 76 second video shows every detail.


We worked with a contractor once who had a great big company name on his truck. It looked great, but… you could hardly read or see the phone number!

Your phone number should be very large… probably bigger than you think and in a prominent location on your truck! Proudly displaying your phone number on all four sides of your truck will make it easy for prospects to find your phone number and place that important phone call.

Personally, I’m amazed at how I see contractors who have failed to put their FULL phone number, area code plus seven digits on their truck. You can’t assume your next customer knows your area code!

Here comes the number one, most powerful goof up with truck signs today…


We have found that most work trucks are completely missing a call to action within their marketing banners. At best, there might be a list of services, or the ones that do have a call to action usually say something like, “Call for a free quote“.

We don’t like this particular message because it immediately transitions a prospect into a price shopper!

Try this call-to-action (Invitation) instead… “Need Lawn Services? Let’s Talk! Free Video Here” or

Need help with your lawn? Free Video Here

Pair a call-to-action-headline with a QR code on the side of your truck, trailers, or other equipment like mowers or skid loaders that takes the prospect to an introduction video, and let your marketing work harder for you!

A few years ago, technology shifted and almost overnight the combination of a smart phone, a camera, and a QR code made it possible to navigate to any webpage (regardless of how long the url might be) in just a single click.

Many of us in small business were too busy to notice this radical improvement in technology. We were too busy to learn how to take advantage of the new technology and multiply our marketing with a personal touch.

And that’s why today when we look at landscaper’s trucks, a very small percentage have a QR code making it easy for a prospect to scan and TAKE ACTION!

Remember, your signs are the foundation of your marketing. They are working for you 24/7, but… we can make them more effective and get your marketing to come alive by incorporating digital media…right there on the side of your truck!

We hope this helps you think about your truck signs a little differently. Little details about how you run your business can transform profitability and your personal productivity.

Have you added a QR code to your truck signs?

Does the QR code take a prospect to an introduction video?

Give us a call. 

We can talk more about truck signs for your company.

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Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder


PS – We know that the perception of value found inside your landscape company begins with the way your trucks look. Your trucks could help begin a conversation when they are parked in front of a customer’s home or business…with the right design!

If you would like to learn more about truck signs and how today’s technology are making them deliver professional marketing messages, 

take a look a this 76 second video.