If you go onto Google and search for “robots in landscaping”
here’s what you find: 399,000 results – and many of these
results are focused on one thing – robotic lawn mowers.

It’s 100% true.  Today, hundreds of thousands of robotic lawnmowers have been sold by Husqvarna, Belrobotics & Ambrogio. Some say that within 10 years or so, these robotic mowers may replace the mower operator.  Perhaps…

But this is NOT the kind of robots that have the potential to change your company today.

Robots…or business automation systems…can be used to manage all types of business functions TODAY. For example:

  1. Scheduling appointments
  2. Collecting prospects information
  3. Following up regarding warranty
  4. Teaching and training employees
  5. Collecting money
  6. Building and enhancing relationships
  7. Introducing your company & services to strangers
  8. Solving service calls while you sleep

Frankly…the vast majority of business owners (almost all landscape companies) just don’t see this potential. Too Bad! Business automation is the next big thing in small businesses.

My team and I have recently held a series of online and offline seminars that explain how to profit from business automation.  And…like most new ideas…it’s easy to find skeptics and naysayers.  That’s fine with me.

The early adopters (forward thinking business owners) always get a head start and dominate when new technology becomes available.  You are already 12 months behind my best students. 🙁

For over 5 years, Ive been mastering new robotic and automation technologies. Thats no surprise to anyone who knows me. Ive made a very good living in ordinary business by staying ahead of the crowd. I discover new ways to improve results ahead of most. The best technology to arrive in 10 years has already arrived. You could learn how to use automation too.

Over the past few weeks Ive contacted you over and over with similar educational messages. For some reason, according to my records, youve ignored every attempt to contact you. Why? Perhaps you just dont believe what Im explaining to you. Perhaps you dont think new technology can be easy to adopt and profitable to use. Let me share a short story.

My son, 11 year old Maxx Bass, met Brian Young, owner of Toronto Painters. Maxx and I invested 1 week training, researching and learning how business automation is working for small business owners like myself and Brian Young.

Brian use to market his painting services by going door to door in targeted neighborhoods. One fateful day, he knocked on a prospects door shortly after 6:00PM. The homeowner was so angry about having his dinner interrupted, he punched Brian in the face! Wack! The punch was the final wake-up call. Times had changed. His old ways of marketing and sales has become dangerous. He would have to change as well.

Brian hired a business coach. This decision proved very positive. His coach introduced Brian to business automation. Like most of us (business owners) who decide to make changes, Brians company didnt transform over night.

But facts are facts. Brians business has grown from $300K/year to 1.2 million last year. Not Bad! Could your company grow sales 3x  4x? Sure! But only if you want it to! Using technology can make this possible, easy and fun.

Heres the best news, Business Automation has reduced his work hours from 80 hours per week to 65 hours per week. Now Brian picks his daughter up from school each day.

Im inviting you one final time to schedule a private call with me. Ill invest ½ hour with you on the phone. Ill explain the details of how automation and online robots can transform your company.

If you think you might enjoy:

  1. Scheduling appointments with automation
  2. Collecting prospects information without labor
  3. Following up regarding warranty automatically & without fail
  4. Teaching and training employees using automation
  5. Collecting money while you sleep
  6. Building and enhancing customer relationships
  7. Introducing your company & services to strangers without working Saturdays
  8. Solving service calls while you sleep

Then dont let this opportunity get away from you.

www.superlawntoolkit.com/meet – SCHEDULE OUR PRIVATE CALL RIGHT NOW.

If your company is not providing you and your family everything you need it to…I suggest we meet online…and let’s see if you’re setting your company up for success.  And…if you need to make changes…I’ll explain what’s working right now. This is a small group meeting. Limited Space.