Some lawn & landscape business owners think the Internet is TOO BIG or TOO COMPLEX to get local business. But that’s simply not true.

There’s a really simple way to find commercial landscape prospects 24 hours a day 7 days per week for FREE.

That’s right! There’s folks right down the street or just around the corner from your location who are buying the services you provide. The problem has been two-fold:
1. They buyers don’t know you.
2. You don’t know the buyers.

You could hire a high-dollar sales person and pay them six figures to hunt and gather those prospects hitting the streets and door knocking. This is the option the mega-sized companies use. It works. But I’ll introduce you to a FREE way to find those prospects today so you can begin the sales process.

Here’s what you do:
• Log in to your Linked-In account.
• Go to the top of the page and look for the search bar.
• Select the drop down “groups”.
• Type in “your city name”.
• Look for groups that are targeted to your local area. You may find real estate investment groups, building owners and managers, facilities engineers, property managers and even your local chamber of commerce right from your city, town or county.
• The lesson is pretty simple. You can join up to 50 groups on Linked In. (Now…I’m not saying you need to join 50 groups. I said you CAN join up to 50 groups.) But make sure the groups you join are relevant to business, your geographical area or the category of prospects you seek.

I’d suggest you act as a private investigator as you get started. Once you join a group, simply watch what others are doing and offer comments or advice when people are communicating.

Don’t go hard core salesman inside these groups. Simply participate. But more importantly, when you are a member of a Linked-In “group”, you can connect one-on-one with anybody else in the group.

So, if you see a there is a property manager from the local apartment community in this group, go ahead a request a connection. If you follow the process over a period of a weeks, months or years, you’ll grow your Linked-In network. (And you won’t be distracted by pictures of food, pets and vacation photos of your contacts.)

I suggest you set a goal to develop 100 Linked-In commercial property managers, facilities engineers, building owners or strategic connections within 12 months. Think of this as one way to build your Dream 100 list.

If you have not connected with me on Linked-In….you should. You can watch what I do and learn more about this amazing tool. It’s a simple tool that could make you very wealthy if you invest a few minutes to get started.

Here’s the link for you and I to connect.

Tony Bass, founder – Super Lawn Truck, Inc
PS – If you don’t use Linked-In…start using it. Set up your account. It’s free.