I’ll admit it. I’m frustrated.

I expect that by sharing my frustration, one of two things could happen today.

1) You will agree with me and admit some of your own frustrations. Or…

2) You will disagree with me and reply with a strongly worded rebuttal sharing your experiences.

Either way…I have to get this off my chest…and open up for some feedback…pro or con.

Here we go…

I’m frustrated by what I see on TV, read in online news outlets, and scan in the social media. Negativity has gone mainstream! It seems mean and mad people are everywhere.

I’m sick and tired of negative political ads. I know…we get this every two years…and then a double-dose every four years. As we get closer to election day, I feel like I’m gonna PUKE!

I’m fed-up with politics being injected into professional sports. My personal commitment to boycott pro sports means I have had to adjust my personal habits. 🙁

Mask mandates make me mad. Restaurant closers make me sad. I don’t enjoy being mad or sad.

I’m pissed-off about being told how BAD things are in America…if I dare watch the NEWS on ANY TV station…after 5-minutes I’m pissed. The lies and fake news has become the new standard operating procedure.

Here’s why I’m frustrated…

Personally, 2020 will be the single greatest twelve months in my 32 year business career. 

Business has NEVER been better!

I’ve got a big enough EGO to WANT TO take credit for an outstanding year…

But I’m smart enough to look at the facts and know better.

Two of my businesses serve landscaping companies. The ONLY way we have a banner year is if my clients are having a banner year at the same time.

Contractors are having HUGE success because massive amounts of money previously being spent in travel and entertainment have been re-directed into home improvement. 🙂

Banks are loaning money.

The SBA is loaning money.

Mergers and acquisitions are making a lot of folks very wealthy.

One of my business partners sold his business last week and deposited 7-figures into his personal checking account…and more good news…

Our tax rate is the lowest in my business career. I actually get to keep more of my money than ever!


There’s lots of things to get frustrated about. There’s even more stuff to get disgusted about, mad or sad about…

But I’ve decided to simply avoid thinking about all that negative CRAP.

I’m going to give thanks for having a happy and healthy family.

I’ll spend more time with my clients.

I’ll spend more time hunting and fishing (while avoiding that negative crap).

I’ll choose to avoid the negativity by treating people with kindness.

I’ll say Please & Thank You…yes mam, no mam, yes sir, no sir…I’ll choose kindness first.

I WILL vote…but I’ll avoid watching TV, reading fake news, and scanning social media.

What will you do?

How will you respond?

Hit reply and share your thoughts.

I’d like to know what you think!

Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder

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