Did you see what happened in Florida this week? Yes…hurricane Ian hit hard and fast.

The storm damage is almost too great to look at. Lives have been lost. Homes and businesses have been destroyed. The interviews of residents who have been wiped out from the storm is almost too much to bear. 

For those of us virtually unaffected by the storm, it’s pretty easy to jump back into work after a good night’s sleep. But the images of devastating winds and flooding keep haunting us.

What’s a landscaper supposed to do in such a situation?

We released a report titled “Ethical Storm Profits”. You can read it here. We lay out a simple 3-point plan to help you prepare for your next storm event.

Please understand. The companies operating in storm damaged areas are way too overwhelmed today to plan ahead or get prepared for the next storm.

But perhaps…

Just perhaps…

IF you and your company are safe and able to read this report online Perhaps you and your team will follow the plan we share.

Perhaps you and your company will be one to come to the rescue in your community when the storm blows into your town.

Believe what we say. We speak from experience.

The fact is, after three plus decades in the lawn and landscaping industry, we know first hand how a small amount of well-planned preparation can lead to substantial profits WHILE you provide the much needed services of storm clean up.

We have provided services immediately following hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. We have seen the tears in our client’s eyes when we show up and help clean up.

We hope you will be one of the responsible companies who pursue “Ethical Storm Profits” when the next storm comes knocking on your door..

And…if you are blessed to be out of this storm event, we assure you. A storm is in your future. Be prepared.

Profit Greatly,

Tony Bass, founder