Super Lawn Truck (urgent) Update 5-30-20

The news came as a surprise this week. Fuso trucks of North America have announced they will no longer sell their medium duty lineup of cab forward trucks in the USA and Canada. Dealers will begin immediate discounting of current inventories to wind down all sales of their products. The company has committed to supporting the warranty and service of the line of trucks until 2028.

Although Fuso has been a minority supplier to Super Lawn Trucks since 1998, I was saddened by this news. Inventories of work truck chassis have been falling since the shutdown of manufacturing plants started in April 2020.

We have a handful of Fuso gas-powered work trucks with 16,000 pound and 18,000 gross vehicle weight ratings in inventory and ready for body installation. Prices on these chassis will be lowered to dispose of inventory. If you need a truck and like the idea of deep discounts on a discontinued model, click here to request a quote.


Isuzu Trucks of North America was forced to shutter its assembly plant in Michigan in April. The plant has reopened as of May 18. No one knows exactly how the worldwide supply chain has been affected by business interruptions related to Covid-19. But one thing is for sure, inventory levels for commercial work trucks are dropping rapidly.

Isuzu Trucks of North America have been the primary supplier of cab forward work truck chassis to Super Lawn Trucks since 1998. Although the Isuzu plant was forced to close in Michigan, the assembly plant for Super Lawn Trucks in Georgia has NOT closed in 2020.

Super Lawn Trucks was blessed to have a limited inventory of Isuzu chassis in stock and has been able to fulfill all orders placed by landscape contracting companies in the first quarter 2020.

As Super Lawn Trucks entered March of 2020, we had the biggest backlog of orders in our 22-year company history. Frankly, I’d never witnessed such a level of business optimism and positive energy about the economy and our future.

As the Covid-19 fear spread across our country in March, the pace of new orders for Super Lawn Trucks has slowed. This has allowed our company to bring our backlog of deliveries from 14 weeks to 4 weeks.

As of today, we have adequate chassis supply to fulfill orders for most models of Super Lawn Trucks in June, July and perhaps early August. This means we have the lowest level of Isuzu chassis since 2009. We typically have 4 to 5 months of inventory. Today we have about 2 to 3 months of chassis inventory.

The positive energy and optimism we share with our clients, landscape contractors across North America, is steadfast.

Although our supply chain has remained strong during the nationwide shutdown, we anticipate supply chain shortfalls by August of 2020 in a number of critical parts and supplies.


Our long-standing partnership with Isuzu Finance of America continues to provide the capital our clients need to expand their business. In an effort to support business expansion, Isuzu Finance of America is providing 90-day first payment deferrals on new finance contracts.

In other words, you can order the fully equipped Super Lawn Truck and put it to work WITHOUT A SINGLE PAYMENT for 90 days. This finance purchase OR lease finance program allows you to replace old trucks, add to your fleet, or upgrade to the new productivity enhancing models like the Solar Lawn Truck, with almost no money out of your pocket today. 

Recently, our credit partners at IFIA have expanded our ability to finance the cost of lawn care equipment packaged with our Solar Lawn Truck system. For example, the GreenWorks Commercial 82 volt tool package can be financed in with your purchase or lease.

Credit approval is required. Not all applicants will be approved for this package. But if you have good credit, now is the perfect time to expand your business with this special financing,

And, in the event your cash flow has been interrupted due to Covid-19, Isuzu Finance of America has offered to work with our current customers to defer payments on a case by case basis.

I’ve been in business since 1987. I’ve purchased millions of dollars worth of equipment along the way. I’ve never seen such favorable banking options.  

So, if you THINK you might need a Super Lawn Truck this Spring or Summer season, please place your order right away. Click here to request a quote.

Stay Energized,

Tony Bass, founder


PS – The Spring rush may have been delayed in 2020, but the grass is growing and property owners across America are fixing up their properties. It’s an awesome time to be in the lawn and landscape business! Current inventory of new, used, and demo models of Super Lawn Trucks is available for review by clicking here.