Whether you’re in the lawn maintenance, landscape installation or tree care business, getting rid of landscape debris is a necessary evil. Regardless of how much green waste your crew generates, Super Lawn Trucks has options to help you get rid of it faster, safer and easier.

The Super Lawn Trucks Debris Dumper is a productivity-boosting machine that’s integrated right into an existing landscape truck. It is installed directly behind the truck cab and extends just 3 to 4 feet rearward. The design, positioning and easy operation of the Debris Dumper allow landscaping professionals to efficiently load, haul and dispose of all sorts of landscaping debris, including grass clippings, shrub prunings, tree branches, leaves, etc.

Heavy-duty design. Every Debris Dumper is built to withstand the rigors of daily debris hauling. All-steel construction results in impressive durability. The approximate 1-ton lift rating helps ensure reliable performance load after load.

Easy to use. Every Debris Dumper features double doors (top and bottom) on both sides for easier loading as the Dumper fills with debris. For example, start loading on the passenger side and then switch over to the driver’s side. Dumping the debris is made effortless thanks to a hydraulic system that requires simple one-person operation. The Debris Dumper is designed to dump to the passenger side.

Two sizes available. The Debris Dumper is offered in two standard sizes: 2.5-cubic-yard capacity, 80”W x 48”H x 36”L and 5.0-cubic-yard capacity, 88”W x 60”H x 48”L. Expect to pay roughly 20% more for the larger size, which is really a bargain if your crew accumulates a lot of debris over the course of a day. Fewer trips to the dumping site saves you the most precious thing of all in landscape contracting: time.

Just need to haul but not dump? Both sizes of Debris Dumpers are offered without hydraulic dumping capability. This helps the more budget-conscious contractor save roughly 40-45% on the sticker price of a unit equipped with hydraulics. If you’re happy to manually unload debris with a rake or shovel, this could be a good option for you.

*** Please note that prices may fluctuate by a few percentage points from year to year due to certain variables. ***

Optional features enhance convenience and productivity. Pullout steps make accessing the top of the Debris Dumper easy. A mesh tarp cover helps secure your debris while in transit. Every Debris Dumper comes in a black finish, but a variety of custom pain colors are also available. Ask a Super Lawn Trucks representative which option best matches your landscape company colors and branding.

How to incorporate a Debris Dumper into your operation

Any Debris Dumper model can be installed by a reputable truck body builder. Super Lawn Trucks can help you facilitate this process.

Additionally, Debris Dumpers are incorporated into several popular models of Super Lawn Trucks, including the Eco Series, Pro Series and FastTrack Series. A Debris Dumper has even been incorporated into a Super Lawn Trucks open-body landscape truck.

For more information on the Super Lawn Trucks Debris Dumper or to receive a price quote, call 866-923-0027.

Be sure to check out the Debris Dumper Video to see this productivity-boosting machine in action.

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