Consider this…

We’ve been in an expanding economy for 10 solid years. The acquisition of customers has come pretty easy for contractors with a solid reputation. Unfortunately, many lawn and landscape contractors have gotten plain lazy with marketing their business.

The idea of “extra growth” feels more like a heavy burden than an energized mission. That’s too bad!

Some have used excuses like, “We can’t find enough good employees” to handle the business volume we already have.

Others say, “Our routes are full”, we don’t have room for more customers.

A few more say, “I don’t want the burden of more debt or more employees”, I’m sticking with my current size.

Here’s what I say to these ideas: Danger – Danger – Danger! Controlled and targeted growth can be your best friend! Allow me to explain.

I’m speaking to you from my personal experience as a business owner for 32 years.

About every 10 years, the business cycle takes a 180-degree change. And almost overnight, the economic disruption crushes companies with weak marketing and tiny bank accounts.

It’s easy to get complacent. I get it. You’re busy, busy, busy. Why try to attract new business?

Listen carefully.

Marketing is the single highest paying activity you will ever learn, period. Marketing is a multiplier. Marketing attracts money.

Money solves problems like attracting more employees, getting better equipment, paying down debt, and attracting higher-paying customers… AND… All of your money comes from one source: profitable customers.

Stated simply, marketing is THE foundational tool to create wealth. I’ve rarely seen a business problem that can’t be fixed with bigger profits.

So… if your bank account is NOT the biggest in 10 years…something’s wrong my friend…you need more profitable customers.

And now is the time to do something about it…before the economy shifts.

Failure to refine, modernize, and expand your marketing while the economy is expanding is just plain dangerous.

 Think carefully and answer these questions:

  1. Is your marketing attracting better clients week after week?
  2. Do you have a marketing system that automatically screens out unqualified prospects?
  3. Has your marketing helped build your biggest bank account ever?
  4. How much effort (or money) have YOU placed on improving your marketing in the last 12 months?

Questions can be the beginning of a rock-solid profit-producing plan for your future.

Stay Energized!

by Tony Bass, founder Super Lawn Technologies