Here’s a goofy little photo we took last night.

That’s Doug Robbins – the guy with the white beard…and yours truly, Tony Bass.

We had dinner last night with a small group of landscape business owners who are attending the Profit Builder Training Event this weekend. We wish you were able to be here with us…

But we thought it would be a great idea to share 3 insights from Doug that…if used in your lawn or landscape company could make a massive impact on your future wealth.

Doug exited his business in late 2023 with a 7-figure pay day!

You see…

your future wealth is largely determined by the cash flow you create from your lawn or landscape company. We thought you would appreciate these insights…as they might shift the way you think about the potential of your company.

We asked Doug, “What would you say are the top 3 takeaways that contributed to the success of your company after 20+ years of working with us?”

Here is what Doug said (summarized for brevity):

#1: Knowing my numbers + an estimating strategy

Knowing and understanding his cost and being able to price his work correctly was the number 1 take away that Doug shared with us when we asked him this question. He said this was the foundation of the success in his company, and helped educate his team on financial success giving them ownership of their personal contributions to the bottom line.

#2: Maintenance!

Adding and growing the lawn maintenance division allowed him to create consistent cash flow without having to work 24/7. 

#3: Invest in real estate

We encouraged Doug through our visits to put aside money to invest in real estate, specifically  a property/facility for his company. Through the budgeting process, when the time came for him to purchase a commercial facility, he had the money to do it! Today, he has a steady stream of mailbox money creating passive income.

Growing a lawn & landscape company can create tremendous wealth if you do it the right way. And one way to avoid hurdles and ensure success is to hire experts to help you with your business. We know that most business owners have significant confidence or they wouldn’t be in business for themselves. But having a coach can help you meet your financial goals with less stress and strain.

If you need help improving profits, we’re standing by.

Hit reply if you’d like to share your thoughts.

Tony, founder


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