Super Lawn Trucks launching its new, high tech website this week giving customers a completely refined, responsive tool to purchase any of SLT’s broad range of products. Serving the Lawn and Landscape Industry since 1998, SLT now offers a completely hassle free design where a client can purchase a truck online without ever having to pick up the phone. Every model of specialized Super Lawn Truck is featured on the new site. 6 models of trucks and any of Super Lawn Technologies advanced, patented ramp designs can be researched.  Orders can be placed within minutes of visiting the site. The advanced website is one of the first of its kind and guarantees to be the fastest method to keep a lawn and landscape business running at its full potential. The new website falls in line with the SLT philosophy that time is money and every minute saved for SLT clients is money in those clients’ pockets. The new site can be seen at the same Super Lawn Trucks website