Spending less for a used truck with all the efficiencies of a new Super Lawn Truck


David Mitchell was sold on Super Lawn Trucks. But he didn’t want to spend the extra money to get a new cab and chassis when good used trucks were available.  (More info on used and demo model Super Lawn Trucks here).


“I saw on the website where Super Lawn Trucks had outfitted used trucks with all the SLT features, so I called them up and asked them what the options were. I asked if I could bring my own truck in and have them outfit it, and they said, ‘No problem.'”


“You just give them the VIN off the truck before you buy it to make sure it will work. Every year model is a little different, and it has to have a compatible wheelbase and everything. But the Chevy, GMC and Isuzu truck bodies are all pretty much the same.”

David says these cab-over style vehicles are commercial grade and built to last. He bought his first cab-over truck for conversion to an SLT in the spring of 2011. It was a 1999 Chevrolet W5500 diesel with 150,000 miles, but he expects it to go about 300,000 miles.


David bought his 2nd, a 2007 GMC W3500 with 45,000 miles on it in the spring of 2012. He got that one with a gasoline engine because of the costs to maintain his diesel. He expects that truck to run for about 200,000 miles.


Cab-over Truck Versatility


While these trucks can run a long time, why would you outfit an old truck with a new Super Lawn Truck body, hydra-ramp, on board fuel station, and marketing package? What happens if the truck wears out while the Super Lawn Truck package is still going strong?


David says if something happens, you can just move the SLT enclosed body and accessories onto a new (or used) Isuzu cab and chassis. That’s one of the neat things about the cab-over design. He bought his 1999 Chevy with a flatbed and his 2007 GMC with a box on it. He sold the dry freight van body (box) to another contractor. The flatbed wasn’t in good enough shape to get anything for it. David says it’s hard to find a truck where they’re selling just the cab and chassis.


The only real issue David sees with to going to a used truck is getting the truck to and from the Super Lawn Truck manufacturing facility in Georgia. He drove his trucks there from Texas and flew home. He waited about 2 weeks while each truck was modified, flew back to Georgia and drove the truck home.

‘Rolling Billboard’ Advertises Professionalism


The trucks may be used, but David says it’s amazing how good they look with the Super Lawn Trucks marketing package.


“I can’t believe how much more professional it makes us look. It looks trashy when you have an open top trailer with all your stuff on it. We had a lot of issues with things blowing off the back of trucks and off of trailers. I really wanted something enclosed. You can put everything in it and it’s protected from the environment and from theft.


“It’s a rolling billboard advertisement. I make a point to ask people how they heard about us. When they say they saw my truck, I know which one they’re talking about because we’ve gotten very few calls based on our pickup truck signs over the years. We’re cutting back on some of our phone book advertising because people can see that billboard on the side of our truck everywhere we go.”


Vertical Storage Makes a Big Difference


David says they had 18′ trailers so they went with 18′ truck boxes, but you’d be surprised how much more they can fit in the truck boxes with the vertical storage for hand-held equipment, and shelf space for tools, irrigation parts, and, yes, a microwave oven so the crews can save a few bucks on lunch.


“What changed the most was the ability to add things like a 12′ step ladder and a lot more irrigation parts and keep them organized. So rather than just mow, the guys can do full service for the owner of the property, especially on residential which is 80% of our work.”

The on-board air compressor makes it easy for crews to check mower tire pressure every day.  Now, tires get checked and their cut height is right where it should be. Among other things, power inverters allowed them to try out battery powered blowers and hedge trimmers as a possible alternative to 2-cycle equipment. The on-board fuel tanks for lawn equipment keep crews on the job rather than wasting time at the gas station/convenience store.


So, 3 maintenance crews, but only 2 Super Lawn Trucks? David explains, “This is the first year we’ve run the 3rd crew every day. Last year we only ran it 1 or 2 days a week. We’ll see where our finances are this winter. We’re probably going to get another SLT.”

Take David’s Advice

Don’t wait for years to invest in a productivity enhancing Super Lawn Truck system.  SLT works with a wide range of companies who purchase both new and used Super Lawn Trucks.  The SLT Team can work with tight budgets, start up companies, or major fleets.

Start saving money and turning heads while your SLT enclosed body serves as your warehouse on wheels.  Your landscape company can kick start growth and ramp up profitability with the Super Lawn Truck system.  You can get started by requesting a quote by clicking here.

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