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Is it possible for your company to operate as smoothly as your local McDonald’s Restaurant? What can you do to control the actions of half hearted, misguided, undependable employees? How can you train workers who seem untrainable? How can you attract and keep enough customers that will pay the fees you desperately need to charge to make a profit? What are the most dependable models and types of equipment available in the landscape industry today? What will your company have to look like in order to reach $1-$2- $3- $4 Million or more in annual sales? What do you need to learn right away in order to compete with the big landscape companies? How do I learn to correctly and competively price the work for my company? The answers to these questions and many more can be yours today! These answers are found in


The Money Making Secrets of a Multi-Million $ Landscape Contractor

And on CD-ROM By Tony Bass.


You may have seen or heard Tony Bass, founder of Bass Custom Landscapes Bonaire, Georgia and Super Lawn Trucks, Fort Valley, Georgia speak at nationally recognized trade shows and educational seminars. You may have seen his company featured in the national trade publications. You may have seen or heard about the innovative Super Lawn Truck System that Tony and Buddy Bass (his Father) have built into a nationally recognized innovation for transportation and storage of lawn care equipment in just a few years!


You may have seen Super Lawn Trucks operating in a competitors company in your market area and found yourself wanting to learn more. But what you may like to know is how Tony was able to build a landscaping business in a really small town to $4 million in annual revenues while finding the time to take 8 weeks of vacation a year, start 5 other successful companies and grow a family! It all comes together with organization, planning and smart work!


The information in the books that Tony has written can instantly give you a road map of how you can build, organize, market and equip your company for maximum control. Work smarter, not harder! Do the things that will pay big dividends! Over two decades of employee managing, employee finding, landscape contracting, business building, equipment buying and long range, strategic planning has been included in this enlightening series of books and on one CD-ROM.


How do you identify & delegate all of the responsibilities of running your business? Learn how the three areas of business should be organized: Marketing, Finance and Operations. Operational procedures are fully explained and documented in book 1, Employee Systems. Employee Systems includes all of the job descriptions, operations manuals, organizational charts, essential forms, company handbooks, training systems, training tests and daily work schedules for all company managers. This Book will give you the road map and valuable information you need to adapt and install a “Franchise Prototype” within your own company. Any and all of the information can be copied, plagiarized or slightly changed to use in your own company quickly. You purchase the right to use my processes in your company! Details in a minute.



Book 2 is called Customer Systems. It contains 31 marketing applications (successful examples to grow sales) that have been tested and proven to work from 14 different marketing strategies! These strategies include; improving sales with professional proposal formats, contracts, customer communications, pamphlets, letters, telemarketing, direct mail, advertising, newsletters and more that have been immensely successful for my company and several thousands more. This book reveals the secrets of everything produced within my company that the customer sees and motivates them to purchase from my company. These marketing details have been tested and applied to build my annual sales to $4 million while working in a county that has a total population of barely 100,000 people! Our average residential home has a modest value of $95K. We market landscape and irrigation design build services, lawn maintenance services and holiday decorating.


Book 3 is called Equipment Systems. It contains a detailed analysis of all of the equipment used in my two decades of contracting. The three divisions of equipment are Office Equipment, Maintenance Equipment and Installation Equipment. I have detailed the benefits, production rates, costs, durability and usefulness of each item. This is an equipment review that has been written from an owner’s personal experience. Personally, I invested over $1 million in equipment. The great news is I hardly ever spent any of my own money to produce revenue using these essential tools. Thousands of hours of equipment operation has given me the experience to smell out misleading propaganda produced by the manufacturer! This revealing expose’ will provide you the information needed to make wise purchase decisions before you spend thousands of dollars on new equipment. You will find out why it is so important to standardize equipment profiles in your company. This book system will give you ideas on how to use equipment to increase your productivity and efficiency. It includes the exact business plan I used in order to get financing for the very first Super Lawn Truck system I put to work in my company.


How many times have you wanted to talk to another owner of a landscape company but feared you would give away your hard-earned secrets and maybe lose customers because the guy was operating just across town? How often have you gotten frustrated because you faced major decisions that would affect your company in a big way, but you did not know where to turn for expertise or advice? My hard head went to the school of hard knocks! It wasn’t fun! Wasting money, time, energy and effort wears you down financially, emotionally and physically. I finally found how rewarding it can be to operate a really profitable landscape business! And now I will give you the exact secrets my local competitors only wish they had access to.


You profit immediately by saving hundreds of valuable hours of typing or re-creating these templates from scratch.


This business system will be sent to you with a printed copy of all three books for immediate reference and reading (nearly 400 pages). Also, all three books are included on a CD-ROM so you can easily cut, copy and paste to build your own company manuals, professional proposals or job descriptions. These books are templates for you to adapt. What is your time worth per hour? How many hours of your time would you need to save in order to pay for this information? How many labor hours in the field do you need to save to recover the money you will invest in this system? Think about it. I estimate that you will pay for the entire book system with the very first time you use a tested and proven marketing piece. And then, you will use this new system hundreds or thousands of times in the future paying countless dividends over and over again.


Here are quotes from purchasers.


“Tony, these manuals and books are worth 10 times what you are asking for them! Unbelievable detail! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas. And if you don’t mind, please never sell a copy to anyone in my market area!”

Steven Abajian, owner Common Grounds, CA


“Tony, I will use a lot of this information as I re-write the manuals for our company. “Employee Systems” will save me tons of time in completing a task that is critical to our company’s success. Well worth the money!”

Jerry Gaeta, owner The Good Earth, SC


“Tony, your books are well worth the money!” Mike Book, The Grounds Keeper, WV


“Tony, I used your business plan to get financing on my new Super Lawn Truck System. The banker told me I looked well organized and very prepared. Thanks for all of your help.” Randall Wise, Green Keepers, OK


“Systems are the key to success in any business. The information systems Tony Bass has compiled has given my company the competitive edge. My customer was impressed with the presentation and image my company portrayed. Not only did I get the job, I was $ 400 more than my competitor and was able to pay for my investment on my first job.”

Evan Volas, Evan & Earth, SC


These resource manuals contain nearly 400 pages of information!


The CD-ROM contains over 24 megabytes of information.


The price is $595. There is not a resource like this available for a landscape contractor anywhere. You can begin taking advantage of this information right away. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the product, return it undamaged, for a full refund within 30 days.


I built my company by hiring consultants and mentors who charge from $200 – $5000 per hour to gain access to their secrets and install them into my company. You need to take advantage of over $100,000 worth of highly specialized training, research and implementation completed in two decades of landscape contracting! I will take years off of your learning curve as you face building your own successful landscape contracting company! And I guarantee your satisfaction!


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You also get “50 Ways to Find, Recruit, Hire and retain Super Star Employees”. $99 purchased separately. This 75 page manual outlines how to get the best people working for your firm, without having to give away your company or pay ridiculously high wages!   These new books and new audio programs by Tony Bass are yours FREE when you place your order right now. Begin to profit from these manuals this week. Do not delay.



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