Sodexo is located in Lubbock, TX and provides grounds maintenance services to public schools and government agencies.  They recently made a big decision to change how they mobilize people and equipment. What they have learned since adopting the Super Lawn Truck system is truly remarkable.

We asked Joby Hinton, Grounds Manager to give us some feedback after his first season using his two Super Lawn Trucks.  Here’s what Joby says.

“The guys were a little hesitant at first (with the change) but they are coming around.  They are starting to take ownership in the trucks and their jobs.  Something I have not seen in

the 13 years I have been here.”

Joby’s experience is one we have heard  from a number of businesses who make the change from pick-up trucks and trailers.  The guys in the field might be reluctant to make changes in how they do their job on a day to day basis.  But once they do, productivity dramatically improves.  When field workers have equipment that makes their job easy, they simply perform at a higher level.
Sodexo selected the Isuzu NPR-HD Crew Cab diesel powered trucks with the Super Lawn Truck 18 feet long Eco Series body system, Eco Series hydra-ramp, on board fueling system and tool storage package.
Tony Bass, President of Super Lawn Technologies says, “This body package has become our most popular product since introduction in 2009.  This package provides exception value while maximizing payload and tool storage.”
Tony continues, “Joby Hinton took about two years studying and analyzing the options available with the Super Lawn Truck system.  When he finally convinced the upper management they had a winner with the SLT system, it took about eight weeks to build the trucks and deliver them to Lubbock.”
Joby has recently shared an amazing fact about their organization.  Joby says, “We have gone from More than 25 vehicle to 11, thanks to your trucks!!”
We wonder how upper management feels today?  Are they as happy as the field workers after the dramatic reduction in the number of trucks on the road?  We’ll follow-up with Joby to learn more soon.
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